Definition of aberrant in English:


Syllabification: ab·er·rant
Pronunciation: /ˈabərənt
, əˈberənt


1Departing from an accepted standard.
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  • Indeed, it was aberrant of him to accept the job and downright silly of the government to appoint him.
  • If you're successful, you've doomed your family to a somewhat aberrant, abnormal existence, but it's public service.
  • This was not an aberrant, deviant test thrust on the wife by an unusually suspicious husband.
1.1chiefly Biology Diverging from the normal type: aberrant chromosomes
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  • We have noticed that multiple clones carried an aberrant chromosome III that was indistinguishable by size.
  • Removal of this aberrant chromosome from further calculations makes no change to the inferences drawn.
  • Cells containing any of these types of chromosomal alterations were considered aberrant cells.


mid 16th century: from Latin aberrant- 'wandering away', from the verb aberrare, from ab- 'away, from' + errare 'to stray'.



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  • It would be a mistake to dismiss the Satanic panic as a freakish aberrance, however.
  • Is it assumed that the south's decision to break away is a mere temporary aberrance?
  • He explored a few career choices, including one as a rodeo cowboy, a notable aberrance considering he was raised in Brooklyn.


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  • This was an aberrancy that was stopped almost five months ago.
  • Three years is too short a time to address that deep-seated aberrancy.
  • An aberrancy in the pharynx cannot yet be ruled out.


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  • A few aberrantly high months can make a sizeable contribution to the total number of offences in a year.
  • Their luminescent lycra outfits in outlandish combinations of primary colours are aberrantly bright.
  • ‘It is quite clear that he behaved aberrantly in this moment,’ his barrister told the court after the verdicts.

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