There are 2 main definitions of afar in English:

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afar 1

Syllabification: a·far
Pronunciation: /əˈfär/


chiefly literary
At or to a distance: our hero traveled afar for months he had loved her from afar
More example sentences
  • Those who had travelled from afar were allowed to carry home their treasures.
  • We drove fast, in case they thought to pull out their six-guns and drill us from afar.
  • I'd intended to be mature and sedate and demure and just wistfully watch the young guests from afar.


Middle English of feor 'from far'.

Words that rhyme with afar

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Definition of afar in:
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There are 2 main definitions of afar in English:

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Afar 2 Syllabification: A·far
Pronunciation: /ˈäˌfär/


1 (plural same or Afars) A member of a people living in Djibouti, Eritrea, and Ethiopia.
Example sentences
  • There are two major ethnic groups in Djibouti, the Afars (sometimes also called the Danakil) and the Somalis.
  • Moreover, beginning in 1991, tensions between Afars and the Issa-dominated government resulted in an Afar rebellion.
  • The Afars are mostly nomadic pastoralists whose grazing area extends from eastern and southern Eritrea into Ethiopia.
2The Cushitic language of the Afar.
Example sentences
  • There are television and radio broadcasts in the French, Afar, Somali, and Arabic languages.
  • The six islands are named in Arabic, in the local Afar language, and in French.
  • The subspecies name idaltu comes from the Afar language of Ethiopia.


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Relating to the Afar or their language.
Example sentences
  • Bribing his way by caravan over the wastelands of the Afar province, he is not amused by the locals.
  • Ethiopian officials warned yesterday of an impending tragedy in the drought-stricken Afar region.
  • Today, the region is the home of the semi-nomadic Afar people.


From Afar qafar.

Definition of afar in:
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