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Pronunciation: /əˈkādēən/ Pronunciation: /əˈkäd-/


1An inhabitant of Akkad.
Example sentences
  • While the Sumerians, Babylonians, Akkadians and other groups were busy creating a Mesopotamian civilization in the Fertile Crescent of the Ancient Near East, another civilization had appeared to the west.
  • Syria was settled successively by the Akkadians, Arameans, and Canaanites, and formed a valuable province of successive empires, from the Phoenicians to the Byzantines.
  • The Sumerians, Akkadians, Mesopotamians and Ancient Egyptians certainly enjoyed them.
2The Semitic language of Akkad.

Akkadian, known from cuneiform inscriptions, is the oldest Semitic language for which records exist. It was used in Mesopotamia from about 3500 bc; two dialects, Assyrian and Babylonian, were widely spoken in the Middle East for the next 2,000 years, and the Babylonian form functioned as a lingua franca until replaced by Aramaic around the 6th century bc.

Example sentences
  • From about 2500 BC onwards, the cuneiform script was also used to write Akkadian and Eblaite, which are Semitic languages.
  • However, in 1927 Neugebauer decided that he wanted to research into Babylonian mathematics and, to enable him to do so, he learnt Akkadian which is the language in which the Babylonians wrote their tablets.
  • The cosmopolitan nature of the city is evident from the presence of documents written in Ugaritic, Akkadian, Hittite, Egyptian, Hurrian, and even Cypro-Minoan.


Relating to Akkad in ancient Babylonia or its people or their language.
Example sentences
  • She taught him Egyptian hieroglyphics; he perfected her Akkadian language.
  • The gods ruled the world of men through their earthly representatives, and in the case of the Akkadian kingdom, this meant Sargon.
  • Many of these cities became quite powerful, and as described earlier, by the beginning of the 23rd century B.C. the Akkadian king Sargon had established a far-flung empire which included Sumer, Akkad, and other lands much further afield.

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Syllabification: Ak·ka·di·an

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