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Syllabification: al·lo·ca·tion
Pronunciation: /ˌaləˈkāSH(ə)n


1The action or process of allocating or distributing something: more efficient allocation of resources ticket allocation
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  • If they were sincere they would open the entire process of the city budget allocation to the public.
  • It will result in each resource allocation process being subject to boundary disputes.
  • And to do so it must make the efficient allocation of scare resources its prime objective at all times.
allotment, assignment, distribution, apportionment, sharing out, handing out, dealing out, doling out, giving out, dishing out, parceling out, rationing out, dividing up/out
informal divvying up
1.1An amount or portion of a resource assigned to a particular recipient.
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  • Poor management decisions on resource allocations can also impair the value of assets.
  • If the city has to have the best of infrastructure, it has to have the best of resource allocations.
  • We have a budget that more than takes care of the resource allocations that are needed.


late Middle English: from medieval Latin allocatio(n-), from the verb allocare (see allocate).



Pronunciation: /ˈaləˌkātiv/
(chiefly Economics )
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  • Such behaviour is so odious because it brings little allocative benefit - no significant increase in supply in the short run - and carries a huge distributive cost, as those with resources take advantage of those without.
  • Indeed, there are an infinite number of option implementations that produce the same allocative equilibrium, but merely divide the expected payoffs differently between the disputants.
  • Road pricing is a radical solution that primarily is about securing allocative efficiency of scarce resources, namely road space.

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