Definition of alphabetical in English:


Syllabification: al·pha·bet·i·cal
Pronunciation: /ˌalfəˈbedək(ə)l


1Of or relating to an alphabet: alphabetical characters
More example sentences
  • We named these loci based on their linkage group number followed by one or more alphabetical characters.
  • To some scholars, it looks like Chinese characters, while others think it looks more like alphabetical writing.
  • Eliza begins to look at life in alphabetical terms.
1.1In the order of the letters of the alphabet: an alphabetical index in alphabetical order
More example sentences
  • Players are in alphabetical order in the index from Abad to Zuleta.
  • The buildings were lettered for easy identification, in alphabetical order from east to west.
  • It is your fault I put my canned goods in alphabetical order.



More example sentences
  • Research on Chinese-reading children with dyslexia show a different part of the brain may be involved in their case than with alphabetic languages.
  • Louis Braille, inventor of the alphabetic system for the blind which bears his name, was born in Paris.
  • In his leather bag he has an alphabetic list which he fastidiously ticks off after each visit.


Pronunciation: /-ik(ə)lē/
More example sentences
  • The list of authors alone runs to hundreds of names, arranged alphabetically, occupying four pages of four columns each.
  • Bernard's book is organised alphabetically, according to characters' first names: Godot comes after George Smiley.
  • My first year at college, we discovered that the incoming students in our dorm had been assigned to rooms alphabetically.

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