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Syllabification: am·ber
Pronunciation: /ˈambər


1Hard translucent fossilized resin produced by extinct coniferous trees of the Tertiary period, typically yellowish in color.

Amber has been used in jewelry since antiquity. It is found chiefly along the southern shores of the Baltic Sea; pieces often contain the bodies of trapped insects. When rubbed, amber becomes charged with static electricity: the word electric is derived from the Greek word for amber

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  • Unfortunately, dinosaurs almost never get trapped in tree amber.
  • Whether buying the spiced local gingerbread or scouting for the region's best amber, it's hard to resist picking something up.
  • The 130-million-year-old spider silk was found in fossilized amber from Lebanon.
1.1A honey-yellow color typical of amber.
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  • These letters come in three colours - green, amber and red.
  • Even at this time of the year, the very beginning of summer, it sprawls dry, thorny and desiccated, in shades of tan, amber, and a hundred browns.
  • Furniture includes chairs and couches upholstered in amber, magenta, and burgundy.
1.2A yellow light used as a cautionary signal between green for “go” and red for “stop”: the lights were at amber
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  • He warned that cyclists ran the same risk of being stopped as drivers for going through reds or late ambers.
  • The signal, a red, green or amber light to direct traffic to stop, proceed with caution or go, revolutionized traffic control.
  • The signal lights blinking only amber meant that one hapless policeman made a valiant effort to control traffic which seemed to swamp him from all directions.


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1Made of amber: amber beads
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  • Expertly cut, and polished to perfection, these highly translucent amber beads are beautiful glistening gold gems.
  • All of these solutions are reusable and keep well, but store them in well-sealed amber glass bottles.
  • The island's amber fossil record may also help turn up previously unknown species still living today, Penney said.
1.1Having the yellow color of amber: her amber eyes
More example sentences
  • It should come out a clear dark amber colour and have a lovely flavour.
  • Behind them, Sebastian's bright amber eyes lost their hard edge and instead he only looked resigned.
  • Two yellowish amber eyes and a shock of long white hair grinned up at her and Pandora laughed.


late Middle English (also in the sense 'ambergris'): from Old French ambre, from Arabicanbar 'ambergris', later 'amber'.

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