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Syllabification: an·te·ri·or
Pronunciation: /ˌanˈtirēər


1 technical , chiefly Anatomy & Biology Nearer the front, especially situated in the front of the body or nearer to the head: the veins anterior to the heart The opposite of posterior.
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  • The anterior cruciate ligament joins the back of the inside of the thighbone to the outside front of the shinbone.
  • Operative findings revealed a mass within the left broad ligament, predominantly anterior to the uterus and crossing the midline.
  • A second separate irregular sacculated pouch was located anterior to the first in the septum and anterior left ventricular wall.
1.1 Botany (Of a part of a flower or leaf) situated further away from the main stem.
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  • One anterior petal is missing as well as a posterior stamen.
  • Usually the lateral stamens emerge first, then the anterior stamen.
2 formal Coming before in time; earlier: there are few examples of gold and silver work anterior to the dynasty of the Romanoffs
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  • It is not contemplated that these prior, anterior selves and actions may be in fact constituted by, or be the effects of, the signs and codes that supposedly reflect them.
  • Since documentary is defined by the viewer's attribution of relevance to the anterior event, the deployment of the zoom and the viewer's reception of it is a very precarious situation.
  • In some anterior time, the burial mound had been desecrated, its jeweled contents taken away.


mid 16th century: from French antérieur or Latin anterior, comparative of ante 'before'.



Pronunciation: /anˌti(ə)rēˈôritē, -ˈär-/
More example sentences
  • In the mythography and linguistic studies of Max Muller and Schlegel, the Aryans would quickly supplant in anteriority and superiority the FIebraic, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations.
  • There is even an anteriority of the infinite to the finite, as the infinite is ‘a transcendental condition for the possibility of the finite’.
  • Everything in every mind has something in the external world standing in a relationship of anteriority to it because humans are conceived and born through biological processes.


More example sentences
  • The amphidetic ligament extends both anteriorly and posteriorly.
  • As it descends, it progressively courses anteriorly to the crook of the arm, where it is well exposed to a sword-thrust or cut.
  • The articulation surface faces anteriorly and slightly laterally.

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