Definition of appraise in English:


Syllabification: ap·praise
Pronunciation: /əˈprāz


[with object]
1Assess the value or quality of: she stealthily appraised him in a pocket mirror [no object]: the interviewer’s job is to appraise and evaluate
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  • But to my way of thinking, meta-analysis provides a more important secondary benefit of critically appraising the quality of the data entered into its review.
  • It should appraise the quality of the evidence and decide whether that justifies the conclusion reached eg, whether it justifies a conclusion that the applicant obtained permission to entry by fraud or deceit.
  • When is the right time to appraise the quality of the suggestions made by respondents?
1.1(Of an official or expert) set a price on; value: they appraised the painting at $200,000
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  • We have no law that states people can buy a house only after it has been appraised by a valuer, and that people are not allowed to throw their money away on a farm that will not produce.
  • An official agency has appraised the top value at $20,000 per square foot, although this may be puffed up.
  • Banks engaged registered valuers to appraise a property before they lent on it, and while the buyers paid for that valuer, the banks usually did not allow the buyers to see it.
value, price, estimate, quote;


late Middle English (in the sense 'set a price on'): alteration of apprize, by association with praise. The current sense dates from the mid 19th century.


Appraise, meaningevaluate,’ should not be confused with apprise, which meansinform’: the painting was appraised at $3,000,000; they gasped when apprised of this valuation.



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  • I was with a collector and his support group of experts and appraisers last year.
  • In addition to job performance, appraisers are expected to evaluate employees' personal qualities such as sincerity, loyalty, and attitude towards their work, which are difficult to measure.
  • Business appraisers may find cluster analysis useful for purposes of applying market approaches to the determination of business enterprise value.


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  • The president looked at him appraisingly, several people in the room recall.
  • Papa loved to tell the story of the way he'd circled the piece appraisingly while the salesman talked.
  • Jesse cocked a eyebrow and looked at him appraisingly.

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