Definition of apprehensive in English:


Syllabification: ap·pre·hen·sive
Pronunciation: /ˌaprəˈhensiv


1Anxious or fearful that something bad or unpleasant will happen: he felt apprehensive about going home [with clause]: they were apprehensive that something might go wrong
More example sentences
  • I was very anxious and apprehensive about going in to work.
  • In the absence of common interests states will be competitive, apprehensive, and even fearful.
  • Approaching exam time children get apprehensive and nervous about learning and become worried about making a fool of themselves.
2 archaic or literary Of or relating to perception or understanding.


late Middle English (sense 2): from French appréhensif or medieval Latin apprehensivus, from Latin apprehendere 'seize, grasp' (see apprehension).



More example sentences
  • One of the boys sleeps on a sofa while the other stares complacently at the camera, arms raised apprehensively.
  • I looked around apprehensively to find the ‘essential services only’ notice but could see nothing.
  • We wonder apprehensively about what will happen to the traffic as the economy expands, and ever more people switch from two wheels to four.


More example sentences
  • Patients experience overwhelming apprehensiveness and anxiety, fear of death, and coldness, followed by body weakness and dizziness.
  • You're driving mad with all this constant eye moving, and apprehensiveness, and such.
  • If everything had been taken into account, her apprehensiveness towards others had probably started in elementary school, around second grade.

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