Definition of assign in English:

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Pronunciation: /əˈsīn/


[with object]
1Allocate (a job or duty): Congress assigned the task to the agency [with two objects]: his leader assigned him this mission
More example sentences
  • For students such as that, I will assign a special job for the summer production.
  • ‘Good,’ he continued, as his mom brought in some more snacks, ‘Lets begin by assigning jobs.’
  • Some things you need to discuss in the first few meetings include: venue, assigning jobs, creating a name for the festival, and organizing fundraising.
allocate, allot, give, set to;
charge with, entrust with
1.1Appoint (someone) to a particular job, task, or organization: she has been assigned to a new job [with object and infinitive]: he was assigned to prosecute the case
More example sentences
  • After a vacation in Ireland he was assigned to promotion work in the Diocese of Clonfert until 1964.
  • I was actually assigned to study journalism and did not choose to be a journalist on my own.
  • He was assigned to the daily personal care of the most profoundly disabled member of the house.
appoint to, promote to, delegate to, commission to, post to, co-opt to;
select for, choose for, install in;
Military  detail to
2Designate or set (something) aside for a specific purpose: managers happily assign large sums of money to travel budgets
More example sentences
  • Specific streets and roads are assigned for selling specific goods.
  • You can reprogram the keys to launch different programs, open specific folder or assign URLs.
  • ‘We will assign a specific recovery room suite to them and they're the only ones with access to it,’ Siefried said.
earmark for, designate for, set aside for, reserve for, appropriate for, allot to/for, allocate for, apportion for
2.1 (assign something to) Attribute something as belonging to: it is difficult to decide whether to assign the victory to Goodwin
More example sentences
  • Imagine if you could assign attributes to any file by speech.
  • His societal levels for prehistoric societies are arbitrary at best; he assigns incorrect dates to events; and attributes significance to events that are debatable.
  • A district court judge later assigned the case to Noelle, a former attorney with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission now in private practice.
ascribe to, attribute to, put down to, accredit to, credit to, chalk up to, impute to;
pin on, lay at the door of
3Transfer (legal rights or liabilities): they will ask you to assign your rights against the airline
More example sentences
  • Presumably, rights under the tenancy could be assigned, but the transfer of burdens would be ruled out by the privity of contract rules.
  • No order, nor any part order issued by the Company shall be assigned, sublet or transferred without the prior consent in writing of the Company.
  • The employer executes a deed of assignment in standard form assigning legal ownership of the policies to each of the employees concerned and the insurers are notified accordingly.
transfer, make over, give, pass, hand over, hand down, convey, consign


another term for assignee (sense 1).
Example sentences
  • If that seems desirable, consider providing that the lease is binding on the landlord's heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors or assigns.
  • This Agreement provided that the terms of the agreement would be binding upon the Township and its successors or assigns.
  • The rights and obligations of the Company hereunder shall accrue to its successor and assigns.



Pronunciation: /əˈsīnəb(ə)l/
sense 3 of the verb.
Example sentences
  • In this case, the contract specifically provided at paragraph 17 of the purchase agreement that the agreement was binding on the parties, their heirs and executors and assigns thereby confirming that it was assignable.
  • Other contracts, such as equipment leases, maintenance contracts and the like, may also contain clauses providing for their termination upon assignment, or may not be assumable or assignable.
  • What if the right was assigned, but not assignable?


Example sentences
  • UNS designation assigners report immediately to the office of the Unified Numbering System for Metals and Alloys the details of each new assignment for inclusion into the system.
  • The parties herein, each individually bind their heirs, assigners, executors and devisees by this agreement.


Pronunciation: /əˈsīnər/
sense 3 of the verb.
Example sentences
  • An assignment of the right (whether total or partial) must be in writing and signed by or behalf of the assignor.
  • One difference between legal and equitable assignment is that with equitable assignment, the assignor must generally be joined as either a claimant or defendant in a suit by the assignee against the debtor/obligor.
  • A difficulty in applying Article 85 to trade-mark assignments is that the contract between the assignor and the assignee will effectively be discharged by completion of the assignment.


Middle English: from Old French asigner, assiner, from Latin assignare, from ad- 'to' + signare 'to sign'.

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Syllabification: as·sign

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