There are 2 main definitions of at-risk in English:


Syllabification: at-risk


Vulnerable, especially to abuse or delinquency: a church-run school for the most at-risk children
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  • Eighty-five percent of at-risk American farms are on the fringes of urban areas.
  • Research has shown that positive results increase when programs focus on meeting the needs of at-risk families.
  • Abusive and at-risk mothers were more negative in their appraisals of child behavior than were control mothers.

There are 2 main definitions of at-risk in English:

at risk2

Exposed to harm or danger: 23 million people in Africa are at risk from starvation
More example sentences
  • Children who use mobile phones are at risk of memory loss, sleeping disorders and other health problems.
  • Exposure assessment identifies the population at risk and the likelihood of exposure to the hazard.
  • Many include rare or threatened habitats that are home to species at risk.
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