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Syllabification: ba·sin
Pronunciation: /ˈbāsən


  • 1A bowl for washing, typically attached to a wall and having faucets connected to a water supply; a washbasin.
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    • ‘I liked the traditional idea of washing with a basin and ewer,’ he reflects.
    • To the right of the fireplace was a washing basin, filled to the brim with crisp water form the well for the workers.
    • After finishing breakfast she washed the plates in the water basin, along with the bowl that Checkers had licked clean, and returned them to their proper places.
    bowl, dish, pan; sink, washtub
  • 2A wide, round open container, especially one used for holding liquid.
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    • People saw them turn over her basins of food and all the tofu products, eggs and all, splashed on the ground.
    • Put the cream cheese, mascarpone, caster sugar, eggs and the extra yolk in the basin of a food mixer (you will need the beater attachment).
    • Some of his flagons, tankards, plates, saucers, salts, basins, and chamber pots, although unspecified as to material, were undoubtedly also made of pewter.
  • 3A natural depression on the earth’s surface, typically containing water: the Indian Ocean basin
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    • The lower basin needed that water to ship a few barges of grain and other commodities along the channelized river.
    • The lock is a popular angling pitch, as it provides a natural basin and is usually rich in salmon and trout.
    • Jutting mountains and low basins form a range of habitats suitable for a broad spectrum of terrestrial and freshwater species.
    valley, hollow, dip, depression
  • 3.1The tract of country that is drained by a river and its tributaries or drains into a lake or sea: the Amazon basin a drainage basin
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    • The team was on the 17 April flight to seed clouds in the Walker and Carson river basins south of Lake Tahoe.
    • Assistance to the Land Forces in defensive and offensive operations in coastal sectors, as well as in areas of lake and river basins adjacent to the front.
    • Both species are distributed widely across eastern North America, including the Great Lakes and Ohio River drainage basins.
  • 3.2An enclosed area of water where vessels can be moored: a yacht basin
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    • He returned to his boat at the yacht basin and fell into the water after feeling ill as he boarded the boat.
    • The marine development proposed by Smith & Son Investments will consist of an ocean marina with a yacht basin.
    • Some had ventured beyond the yacht basin, but few had gone further than Port of Spain.
  • 3.3 Geology A circumscribed area within which the rock strata dip toward the center.
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    • These basins were interpreted to contain thick Old Red Sandstone sediments and to have resulted from the extensional collapse of thickened Caledonian crust.
    • In other parts of the Selendi and Usak-Gure basins, the group contains only tilted sedimentary units due to the extensional tectonics in the region.
    • These polygonal basins contain up to 6 km of sediment overlying a salt layer several kilometres thick.



Pronunciation: /-ˌfo͝ol/
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  • Private houses generally contributed a halfpenny a week, and farmers gave a basinful or a nogin of flour.
  • Huge basinfuls of the stuff wrapped in fresh banana leaves, were eaten with some fresh, hot palm oil stew.
  • We often went down on a Sunday to scoop up basinfuls of capelin when they washed ashore.


Middle English: from Old French bacin, from medieval Latin bacinus, from bacca 'water container', perhaps of Gaulish origin.

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