Definition of basket-weaving in English:


Syllabification: bas·ket-weav·ing


1The art or activity of creating woven baskets.
More example sentences
  • It is more than teaching skills, such as archery or basket-weaving.
  • If you want to get good at something (karate, basket-weaving, asking out girls, etc.), practice it.
  • These include hat-making, drum-making, basket-weaving, and the carving of dugout canoes.
2 humorous (also underwater basket-weaving) Used as the type of college course that is thought to be without any practical or professional value .
More example sentences
  • If your transcript is filled with easy A's, such those as earned in classes like the fabled Basket-Weaving 101, you'll likely be ranked below a student who has a lower GPA comprised of courses in the hard sciences.
  • Those college classes you took...must have been History of Rock N' Roll and basket-weaving 101, right?
  • When I was in school, we called this kind of course Basket-Weaving 101 (actually, we did not have any courses this absurd, but some were almost as easy as this one seems to be).

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