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Syllabification: bat·tle
Pronunciation: /ˈbadl


1A sustained fight between large, organized armed forces: [in names]: the Battle of Shiloh he died in battle
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  • Hymns and prayers were said in memory of those who died in battle and those who fought and survived.
  • He enjoyed wars and was the first prime minister since the duke of Wellington to have fought in battle.
  • Sovereignty was a figure for all those brave soldiers who fought and died in battle.
fight, armed conflict, clash, struggle, skirmish, engagement, fray, duel;
war, campaign, crusade;
informal scrap, dogfight, shoot-out
1.1A lengthy and difficult conflict or struggle: the battle over the future shape of Europe the battle against aging
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  • The pair had been embroiled in lengthy legal battles over Daniel, but had reached a shared custody agreement on his care before Kevin's death.
  • One of the most difficult battles waged by these women has been against Public Works Department contractors.
  • Allison and Kevin had, following lengthy legal battles, reached a shared custody agreement on Daniel's care.
conflict, clash, contest, competition, struggle, turf war;
disagreement, argument, altercation, dispute, controversy, tug-of-war
vulgar slang shitstorm


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1Fight or struggle tenaciously to achieve or resist something: he has been battling against the illness representatives from eight countries are battling for the title
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  • Players on both sides are unknowingly battling for cross hemisphere respect from people they will never meet.
  • As it stands, national lobby groups are battling against the ad budgets of brand name giants.
  • Furious residents are battling for the second time to stop huge mobile phone masts going up in Corsham town centre.
fight, combat, contend with;
resist, withstand, stand up to, confront;
war with, feud with;
struggle with, strive against
1.1 [with object] Engage in a fight or struggle against: firefighters battled a 9,800-acre brush fire
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  • Firefighters battled a blaze at the disused Robert Fletcher paper mill in Stoneclough last night.
  • Elsewhere, firefighters battled flash floods caused by the torrential rain.
  • The building was evacuated, and firefighters battled the fire for more than an hour.
force, push, elbow, shoulder, fight;
struggle, labor


Middle English: from Old French bataille (noun), bataillier (verb), based on late Latin battualia 'military or gladiatorial exercises', from Latin battuere 'to beat'.


battle it out

Fight or compete to a definite conclusion.
More example sentences
  • The sheepdog won round one of Thursday's competition before battling it out in the final with 30 other dogs in the mixed breed category.
  • The first event on the list is the mixed draughts competitions with Hacketstown battling it out in two sections.
  • Shooting teams from all over Europe battled it out in an exciting competition three weeks ago in Bywell, Scotland.

do battle

Fight; engage in conflict: do battle with the forces of evil
More example sentences
  • The Texans defense sparkled last night in Denver as the first teams did battle into three quarters.
  • So armed with a fly swatter and a can of Raid, Christopher did battle upstairs and Dawn did battle downstairs.
  • Both races hatred for the Romans was clear and they charged into the oncoming enemy and did battle amongst the trees.

battle royal

(plural battles royal) A fiercely contested fight or dispute: there promises to be a battle royal between the two companies
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  • The wisdom of those remarks is demonstrated by the revelation that these parties have spent £50,000 on this litigation so far and they still have a battle royal to fight over damages for misrepresentation.
  • And so, given the budget deficits ahead, the battle royal will be fought over what remains of federal social spending.
  • Del Toro brings a solid visual eye to the project, but his fight scenes are overlong and too close to a WWF battle royal than superhuman opponents squaring off.

battle stations

chiefly US The positions taken by military personnel in preparation for battle (often used as a command or signal to prepare for battle).
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  • Now a deafening siren comes on and a speaker blares ‘Battle stations, all personnel to battle stations.’
  • Because their mission is yet to be determined, the crewmembers are training on everything from force protection to battle stations and rules of engagement.
  • They only test how efficient specialists are at their battle stations as part of teams or crews.

half the battle

An important step toward achieving something: he never gives in, and that’s half the battle
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  • Curiosity is the first step towards knowledge, and knowing is half the battle.
  • If a good start is half the battle then two good starts will surely win most battles.
  • I knew that was only half the battle - exercise was going to be an important component to my weight loss.

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