Definition of beaten in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈbētn/
past participle of beat.


1Having been defeated: I knew when I was beaten
More example sentences
  • Thoroughly deserving defeat, the beaten finalists for the past three years will not be able to go one better this time around.
  • At Potsdam, Patricia was a beaten finalist in the 100m and 200m races and unfortunately just missed out on the bronze medal, by one tenth of a second.
  • The beaten finalist was relatively philosophical about his defeat.
1.1Exhausted and dejected: he sat feeling old and beaten
More example sentences
  • The rider moans in an exhausted and beaten heap.
defeated, losing, unsuccessful, conquered, bettered, vanquished, trounced, routed, overcome, overwhelmed, overpowered, overthrown, bested, subdued, quashed, crushed, broken, foiled, hapless, luckless
informal licked, thrashed, losingest, clobbered
2Having been beaten or struck: he trudged home like a beaten dog
More example sentences
  • Dom had left with the look of a beaten dog on his face, the nurse had gone too, and the doctor had checked some things in his room while Matt pretended to be sleeping before he left too.
  • They love nothing better than to see a strong man break down and act like a beaten dog, a loser, because they're all so weak themselves.
  • A few boys were running breakneck for the street like beaten dogs.
abused, battered, maltreated, ill-treated, mistreated, misused, downtrodden;
assaulted, thumped, whacked, hit, thrashed, pummeled, smacked, drubbed
informal walloped, belted, bashed, clobbered, knocked around/about, roughed up
2.1(Of food) whipped to a uniform consistency: beaten eggs
More example sentences
  • Sometimes the mother also sends down a bundle of savoury channa and beaten rice.
  • When the mixture has completely cooled, stir in the beaten egg and season with the salt and pepper.
  • There is something quite irresistible about clouds of softly beaten cream and sugary, honey-coloured meringue.
whisked, whipped, stirred, mixed, blended;
frothy, foamy
2.2(Of metal) shaped by hammering, typically so as to give the surface a dimpled texture.
Example sentences
  • The restaurant is beautiful, aglow with rich hardwoods, cream parchment, wrought copper screens and beaten metal surfaces.
  • The paint has chipped and flaked away, revealing the beaten silver metal beneath.
  • Crafty collars made of beaten metal, neckpieces of wood and macramé, great big pendants and crosses are all back from the wilderness.
2.3(Of precious metal) hammered to form thin foil for ornamental use.
Example sentences
  • The volume was plated with a thin layer of beaten gold, and a row of high-quality garnets traced up its spine.
  • Indian sweets are traditionally decorated with a very thin layer of beaten silver.
  • Her glistening black hair was encircled by a crown of animal figures carved from lapis lazuli intertwined and connected by vines and leaves of knotted beaten copper.
3(Of a path) well trodden; much used.
Example sentences
  • You have to literally drive off the beaten path to get there; a gravel road that traverses over a single lane bridge takes you up a winding path to a parking area.
  • Unlike most Hindi films, where the heroine is relegated to looking pretty, this movie follows the less beaten path of strong women oriented films.
  • The Publik aims to lure partiers away from the beaten path
trodden, trampled;
well trodden, much trodden, well used, much traveled, worn, well worn


off the beaten track (or path)

In or into an isolated place.
Example sentences
  • It was not intended as an insult, it was simply an allusion to the geographical location, which is slightly off the beaten track.
  • They may be slightly off the beaten track, but a visit is well worth the car journey and can make for a beautiful day out far, far away from the madding crowd.
  • Part of Galicia's appeal to the tourist is the attraction of visiting somewhere slightly off the beaten track.
1.1Unusual: [as adjective]: off-the-beaten-track experiences
More example sentences
  • Basically, we're looking for people who are enthusiastic about working within the cycling industry at a magazine that is a bit off the beaten path.
  • If you're looking for something completely off the beaten path this year, read on.
  • These are earlier works, not at the inspired level of the sonatas, but a little more off the beaten path and a clever way to add tasteful variety to the program.

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Syllabification: beat·en

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