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binary system

Pronunciation: /ˈbīnərē ˌsistəm/ /ˈbīˌnerē ˌsistəm/


1A system in which information can be expressed by combinations of the digits 0 and 1.
Example sentences
  • The binary system which governs information technology is one of the most ancient staples of ornamental practice, as is the mode of visual generation by pixels in mosaic and weaving.
  • In fact, virtually any information can be stored in a binary system as a code. Complex graphics, speech, and even live broadcasts can be generated and stored by computers.
  • More importantly for this example, though, it is a binary system, just as a computer system is.
2A system consisting of two parts: the binary system of state and public schools
More example sentences
  • More and more influenced by the Movement, Clare comes to see the U.S. binary system of racial classification as a condition of possibility.
  • Transphobia is the irrational fear and hatred of people who transgress conventional gender and sex rules in the socially constructed binary system of gender.
  • The tendency to acknowledge such familial relationships produced a tertiary rather than binary system of racial classification in Louisiana and other French possessions.
2.1 Astronomy A star system containing two stars orbiting around each other.
Example sentences
  • Neutron stars such as IGR J16283-4838 are often part of binary systems, orbiting a normal star.
  • Some white dwarfs are in binary systems, that means they are in orbit around another star.
  • The explosions of low-mass stars can be triggered by the accretion of mass from a companion star in a binary system to create classical, or Type Ia, supernovae.
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