Definition of blastocoel in English:


Syllabification: blas·to·coel
Pronunciation: /ˈblastəˌsēl
(also blastocoele)


The fluid-filled cavity of a blastula. Also called segmentation cavity.
More example sentences
  • Inside this spherical mass of cells, a fluid-filled cavity - the blastocoel - develops in the animal region and the embryo is now called a blastula.
  • Involution occurs here, as cells divide and push other cells into the blastocoel from the top of the dorsal lip.
  • The blastocoel appears bright grey, the animal cap darker-gray and the vegetal pole black.



Pronunciation: /ˌblastəˈsēlik/
More example sentences
  • At blastula stage 8, cells forming the blastocoelic roof were cultured in isolation as explants.
  • An early blastocyst, containing a small amount of blastocoelic fluid, is shown to the right.
  • The blastocoelic cavity usually collapses during the early stages of implantation.

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