There are 2 definitions of blubber in English:


Syllabification: blub·ber
Pronunciation: /ˈbləbər


1The fat of sea mammals, especially whales and seals.
More example sentences
  • Fish oil supplements are derived from a variety of sources, including mackerel, herring, tuna, salmon, cod liver, halibut, whale blubber and seal blubber.
  • The name was coined by whalers, who considered the species the ‘right’ whale to hunt because its blubber makes dead whales float, aiding recovery of the carcass.
  • The answer is all too mundane: The blobs are old whale blubber.
1.1 informal derogatory Excessive human fat.
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  • A word every prep fears, due to the fact they hate seeing a little bit of blubber on anyone, especially themselves.
  • In my case, in addition to my belly, my chest was still misshaped from carrying too much blubber.
  • I decided to do it just because I have lived with a little too much blubber around my middle for my entire life although the rest of me is quite lean and fat-less.


[attributive] archaic Back to top  
(Of a person’s lips) swollen or protruding.
[alteration of obsolete blabber 'swollen']
More example sentences
  • Yet the movement of his blubber lips, closely pressed together, showed clearly that he could not understand a word.
  • When I looked at his face I saw his blubber lips twitching with the efforts of attempted smile, but he couldn't quite carry it off.
  • He sat down with dignity, answered diplomatically certain mysterious questions about the dames, and applied his blubber lips to a handsome mouthpiece of lemon-coloured amber.


late Middle English (denoting the foaming of the sea, also a bubble on water): perhaps symbolic; compare with blob and blotch.



More example sentences
  • Overweight, blubbery, unfit bodies are no great advantage at 19,000 feet and so the bodies were whipped into (some sort of) shape.
  • I was a little bit blubbery, to be honest, but Chelsea was all excited.
  • Those huge, rubbery, blubbery, slobbering slabs of meat; oh, it was just gross!

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There are 2 definitions of blubber in English:


Syllabification: blub·ber
Pronunciation: /


[no object] informal
Sob noisily and uncontrollably: he was blubbering like a child [with direct speech]: “I don’t like him,” blubbered Jonathan
More example sentences
  • She sobbed, wailed, blubbered, howled, cried and whatever people do to express sorrow hoping that her tears and crying will bring her other half back.
  • I burst into tears, blubbering to his retreating form.
  • At last, he asked: ‘How can we help you?’, on which cue I burst into tears and blubbered incoherently.


late Middle English: probably symbolic; compare with blob and blubber1.

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