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Syllabification: blush
Pronunciation: /bləSH


[no object]
  • 1Develop a pink tinge in the face from embarrassment or shame: she blushed at the unexpected compliment [with complement]: Kate felt herself blushing scarlet
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    • When he asked us why we were giving him a present, we just blushed - our shame at the real reason was interpreted as a crush.
    • I shook my head to clear the thought as my face blushed with shame.
    • I answered, blushing slightly, my shyness obvious in my soft yet high voice.
    redden, turn/go pink, turn/go red, flush, color, burn up; feel shy, feel embarrassed
  • 1.1Feel embarrassed or ashamed: [with infinitive]: he blushed to think of how he’d paraded himself
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    • He blushed, discomfited by the five pairs of eyes staring at him, and ruffled his hair.
    • But then, if financial scandals made you blush, the entire reconstruction of the country would be pretty mortifying.
    • At one time, any hostess getting ready for a dinner party would blush for shame to think that she had bought her meal from a supermarket.
  • 1.2 (often as adjective blushing) (Of a flower or other thing) be or become pink or pale red: the trees are loaded with blushing blossoms
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    • From a distance, the blossoms look like pink clouds floating over blushing pools of fallen petals.
    • As you might imagine, its name gives a vivid word picture for the color changes, blushing from ivory to pink and finally red when mature.
    • From Thursday on, the television cameras will beam sumptuous shots of loblolly pines and blushing azaleas around the world.


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  • 1A reddening of the face as a sign of embarrassment or shame: he had brought a faint blush to her cheeks
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    • Lor gave a faint, but apparent sign of a blush in her cheek.
    • Their button black eyes looked her over and lingered on certain areas that made her feel very uncomfortable and brought a faint blush to her cheeks.
    • Some of the comments are priceless and deserve to be preserved, with the hope that they might at some future date bring a blush of shame to the cheeks of the more honorable.
  • 1.1A pink or pale red tinge: the roses were white with a lovely pink blush
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    • As he sprays reactive chemicals on the test strips, a pink blush spreads across the paper.
    • From the front view was the setting sun giving a blush of pink, peach, orange and some purple.
    • A bright hue, a rosy blush, pretty skin that's blemish free, and a plump shape - these are generally key for ripe fruits.
  • 1.2North American another term for blusher ( sense 1).
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    • I put on foundation, powder, blush, pale pink eye shadow, and pink lip-gloss.
    • No blush or pink cheeks, she knew she would already be blushing by herself later on.
    • Her face glowed, smooth and flawless, her cheeks slightly pink with the blush Angie had used.
  • 2 (also blush wine) A wine with a slight pink tint made in the manner of white wine but from red grape varieties.
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    • A vin gris or blush wine is made as above but with no maceration.
    • Dry and semi-dry roses or blush wines exhibit fresh and fruity flavors and have a moderately high level of acidity.
    • So, if he wants to drink a blush wine from California, he will, thank you.


at first blush

At the first glimpse or impression.
More example sentences
  • Now, of course, the American public, as I think probably reacting fairly intelligently, putting it into a larger context, and does not seem at first blush to be absolutely taken aback and shocked.
  • She continued, ‘It certainly looks to the court, at first blush, that this was a deliberate concealment of information.’
  • It can indeed be rational to be resentful of, say, the cosmic pay scales of CEOs, or the passing on of massive inherited wealth - even if these don't appear at first blush to be any of your business.


Old English blyscan; related to modern Dutch blozen.

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