Definition of bobblehead in English:


Syllabification: bob·ble·head
Pronunciation: /ˈbäbəlˌhed
(in full bobblehead doll)


A figurine with a disproportionately large head mounted on a spring so that it bobs up and down, often made as a caricature of a famous person.
More example sentences
  • We know Elvis would not disapprove of the tens of thousands of impersonators, the velvet paintings, the collector plates, the bobble-heads.
  • The blonde grinned and her friends kept nodding like brainless bobble-heads.
  • The bobble-heads are hardly incisive political commentary, but they do send a message that Schwarzenegger ought not be taken too seriously.



More example sentences
  • Apparently, the Governator is planning on suing an outfit that makes bobbleheaded dolls of him.
  • Most of us want to convince ourselves that we aren't surrounded by bobble-headed yes people.
  • But as he so suavely invited you to the dance, you were a tongue-tied, bobble-headed idiot.

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