There are 2 definitions of buggy in English:


Syllabification: bug·gy
Pronunciation: /ˈbəgē

noun (plural buggies)

1A small or light vehicle, in particular.
More example sentences
  • The buggy is the lightest of the bunch, consisting of little more than four wheels and a bare bones roll cage.
  • So we have an assortment of vehicles including quads, buggies, tanks, gunships, APCs, and Dropships to help get players to where they want to go much more efficiently.
  • The project gives young people the chance to use vehicles such as mud buggies, trailbikes, go-peds, mountain bikes and skateboards in a safe and supervised environment.
1.1A small motor vehicle, typically one with an open top: a golf buggy
More example sentences
  • Shortly, a small pile covered by an American flag was brought out in an open buggy.
  • There aren't even any cars - a golf buggy is about as much as you'll squeeze up its Toytown streets with their cluster s of sugar-cube houses.
  • Jack heaved himself from the well-worn seat of a golf buggy that had seen better years and grinned as his tanned wrist reached for a trusty 9-iron.
1.2 short for baby buggy.
More example sentences
  • They would offer low-floor, easy access for parents with pushchairs and buggies, people in wheelchairs and the elderly, making public transport more accessible.
  • A notice on the door proclaimed ‘Unfortunately we have no room for buggies or pushchairs’.
  • For example the boot can take a child buggy and golf clubs, both items lying flat on the floor, between the rear wheel arches, without having to utilise the folding seat facility.
1.3 historical A light, horse-drawn vehicle for one or two people, with two or four wheels.
More example sentences
  • If the horse-drawn buggy is your normal means of transportation then the automobile is wondrous.
  • More Cubans rely on horse and buggies than automobiles.
  • On several occasions I passed men on horse-drawn buggies and women threshing wheat by hand.


mid 18th century: of unknown origin.

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There are 2 definitions of buggy in English:


Syllabification: bug·gy
Pronunciation: /

adjective (buggier, buggiest)

1Infested with bugs.
More example sentences
  • This is whole-grain white flint cornmeal, which would go rancid and buggy in your cupboard faster than cheese.
  • I had ignorantly imagined the Louisiana swamp as godforsakenly muggy, buggy, and hot.
  • It is used for numerous outings during the hot, buggy, Dakota summers.
1.1(Of a computer program or system) faulty in operation.
More example sentences
  • In the past, typical translations from proprietary houses have had buggy character sets and ended up with a weird mix of English and whichever language.
  • A buggy active application might corrupt the state of a router or might harm other active applications.
  • It's hard to overcome the reputation of having a buggy product.
2North American informal Crazy; insane.
More example sentences
  • Yes, I am aware that things are buggy around here.
  • And those who think otherwise are just plain buggy.
  • Cops in Lewiston, Maine, were just trying to make a routine traffic stop when the driver went buggy, bailed out and hightailed it into the woods.

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