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bullish Syllabification: bull·ish
Pronunciation: /ˈbo͝oliSH/

Definition of bullish in English:


1Resembling a bull: a sketch of his round, bullish head
More example sentences
  • That's why DeShawn Wynn, a bullish Maurice Clarett-type tailback, will find it harder and harder to run against defenses that know Leak is zero threat to run the option.
  • The man was tall and bullish; his chest was thrust forward and his chin jutted out so prominently that Peter was amazed he could see beyond that promontory.
  • Meanwhile, Trrol's lashing tail snaked around one of the bullish man's ankles and soon succeeded in unbalancing him.
1.1Stupid or oafish; bullheaded: it’s impossible to reason with such a bullish man
More example sentences
  • Sims come in one of 12 personalities, based on the signs of the zodiac (those who follow astrology will get devious pleasure in watching an Aries lock horns with a bullish Taurus).
1.2Assertively masculine; macho: surrounded by girls and the aura of bullish manhood
More example sentences
  • He's by turns short-tempered, bullish, charming and vulnerable here, exhibiting more range than ever before.
  • Tegeler deservedly had a reputation as a demanding, bullish man.
  • He is right - his statement is not a riddle, but an unconvincing smokescreen for bullish aggression.
1.3chiefly British Aggressively confident and self-assertive: the team is at its most bullish
More example sentences
  • He won't attempt to predict the future or make bullish claims about what Rangers will achieve this season.
  • Overall, Noonan performed well, delivering to a relieved party a confident, bullish, passionate outline of where he would take Fine Gael from here.
  • The DUP is shaping up with bullish electoral confidence in a unionist community snared in an apparently permanent quandary.
2 Stock Market Characterized by rising share prices: the market was bullish
More example sentences
  • The London market finished the week on a bullish note yesterday, with shares surging ahead as investor confidence improved.
  • The phenomenon has shown no signs of waning, even during bullish periods in the stock market.
  • As often happens, when the market gets too bullish or too bearish, conditions become ripe for a reversal.
2.1(Of a dealer) inclined to buy because of an anticipated rise in prices.
Example sentences
  • ‘Sometimes the market gets in a rut,’ a usually bullish trader in London said.
  • Faber said the question of whether he was bullish or bearish about stock markets around the world was irrelevant.
  • When people are too bullish, they push prices to outlandish levels, and set the stage for a market tumble.
3Confident or optimistic about something: those who are bullish on the nation’s economic prospects
More example sentences
  • The question is whether corporations would be so bullish on racial preferences in university admissions were they not under such pressure to diversify their own workforces.
  • Last year, I was too bullish on the economy, convinced that Terror War spending would cause enough increase in aggregate demand to jumpstart us out of the doldrums.
  • Oh, long term, I'm very bullish on the U.S. economy, Wolf.


Example sentences
  • Ed, however, remains bullishly optimistic, as this new series reveals.
  • ‘The numbers speak for themselves,’ Berwin says bullishly.
  • ‘I always thought you judged a race after it's over,’ he says bullishly.
Example sentences
  • Wall Street insiders attributed this bullishness to optimism about new technologies.
  • To hear professional investors tell it, their current bullishness is based on the vastly more prudent economic policies that emerging-market nations have adopted.
  • Above all, there is a genuine bullishness that the NFL's development league can continue to thrive in the face of the expected competition offered by the WWF-backed Extreme Football League.
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