There are 2 main definitions of bushy in English:


Syllabification: bush·y
Pronunciation: /ˈbo͝oSHē

adjective (bushier, bushiest)

1Growing thickly into or so as to resemble a bush: a dense, bushy plant his eyebrows were thick and bushy
More example sentences
  • Grass is a plant that grows thick and bushy when healthy.
  • Anyway, we have this drive from our place to the street, and along it grows this bushy hedge thing.
  • Lablab comes in two main forms: a bushy plant, or one which grows like a vine.
thick, shaggy, unruly, fuzzy, bristly, fluffy, woolly;
2Covered with bush or bushes: bushy desert areas
More example sentences
  • I stare down into valley, whose steep contours are covered with bushy, broccoli-like clumps of kiewe (mesquite).
  • What a jaguar needs to survive in the rainforest of Belize, for instance, may be different from what it needs in the dry, open, bushy Sonora area of Mexico.
  • My motor vehicle had a puncture at the corner of Pell Street and Beaconhurst Drive and as it was getting dark I was extremely worried as the area is bushy and unsafe.



Pronunciation: /ˈbo͞oSHəlē/
More example sentences
  • It is hard to describe something which is bushily recursive in a linear way - like language.
  • There are numerous stems, which are bushily branched with flowering branches at the top.
  • This will then regrow more bushily so that you end up with a square, thicker top to the hedge when trimmed at the final height.


More example sentences
  • From a boyhood spent hunting and climbing in southern Idaho, Petzoldt grew into a bearish man with enormous flat feet and eyebrows of legendary bushiness.
  • Alongside a bony-headed, loose-lipped camel, a goat stands to attention, the shine of its wiry bushiness painted with patient genius, lock by tawny lock.
  • This tender perennial matures to 4-5 feet; pinch leggy shoots to encourage bushiness.

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There are 2 main definitions of bushy in English:


Line breaks: bushy
Pronunciation: /ˈbʊʃi/

Entry from British & World English dictionary

(also bushie)

noun (plural bushies)

Australian /NZ informal
A person who lives in the bush (as distinct from in a town), typically regarded as uncultured or unsophisticated: cultural wonders that bushies like me were despised for not having

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