There are 2 main definitions of cafe in English:


Syllabification: ca·fe
Pronunciation: /kaˈfā
, kəˈfā
(also café)


1A small restaurant selling light meals and drinks.
More example sentences
  • Urban dwellers may eat a light meal at a café or restaurant in the evening.
  • Small restaurants, cafes selling coffee and tea, as well as stalls selling sandwiches and fruit juice are in abundance, spread all over the city.
  • However, be prepared to step up a gear around the huge variety of bars, restaurants and cafes serving delicious meals at less than a fiver-a-head on the Avineda del Generalrismo.
2North American A bar or nightclub.
More example sentences
  • We'd go to nightclubs and cafés, hear jazz bands play or go to open-air symphonies.
  • Like it or not, bars, pubs and cafés are our public squares, where people meet to participate in the social life of the city.
  • I hung out in neighborhoods, and went to cafes at night.
3 (café) A serving of coffee, especially prepared European-style: [in combination]: an assortment of cappuccinos and café mochas
More example sentences
  • Her flesh, flawless and smooth, reminded him of café mocha.
  • I'm having trouble picking between café mocha and a ‘Colombian Delight’.
  • It looks more of a chocolate, chestnut, café mocha muddy mesh.


early 19th century: French, 'coffee or coffeehouse'.

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There are 2 main definitions of cafe in English:


Syllabification: CAFE


Corporate Average Fuel Economy.