Definition of campaign in English:

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Pronunciation: /kamˈpān/


1A series of military operations intended to achieve a particular objective, confined to a particular area, or involving a specified type of fighting: a desert campaign the air campaign the army set off on campaign
More example sentences
  • This he achieved by a prolonged series of military campaigns which unified all northern India under his rule.
  • For the media it is a conflict conducted in a series of military campaigns.
  • The Crusades were a series of military campaigns during the time of Medieval England against the Muslims of the Middle East.
military operation(s), maneuver(s);
crusade, war, battle, offensive, attack
1.1An organized course of action to achieve a particular goal: an advertising campaign an election campaign the campaign for a full inquiry into the regime [with infinitive]: his campaign to win the heart of a new woman
More example sentences
  • Passenger numbers have soared since the M.E.N. won a campaign for a new city centre coach station.
  • From this platform he launched his campaign for election to the Lower House in 1958.
  • The campaign against nanotechnology, like other green campaigns, is being built on the twin themes of unknown risk and corporate greed.
crusade, drive, push, struggle;
operation, strategy, battle plan


[no object]
Work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal, typically a political or social one: people who campaigned against child labor [with infinitive]: the services he had campaigned to protect
More example sentences
  • What does this say about his attitude towards the parliament he campaigned to establish?
  • He added that low pay advocacy groups were also campaigning against the changes.
  • Villagers in Heaton are among those now campaigning to protect land from housing.
crusade, fight, battle, push, press, strive, struggle, lobby


Early 17th century (denoting a tract of open country): from French campagne 'open country', via Italian from late Latin campania, from campus 'level ground' (see camp1). The change in sense arose from an army's practice of “taking the field” (i.e., moving from a fortress or town to open country) at the onset of summer.

  • Latin campania meant ‘open countryside’ and was based on campus ‘a field’. It is the source of English campaign, which was originally a tract of open land and is a close relative of French champagne, both an area of open country and the winemaking region. The connection between countryside and fighting is that armies tended to spend the winter in a fortress or town, ‘taking the field’ in summer. Hence the countryside became associated with military manoeuvres. Camp (early 16th century), which is also from Latin campus was similarly used in Latin not only to mean ‘a field, level ground’ but, more specifically, ‘an open space for military exercises’—the most famous one was the Campus Martius, or Field of Mars, in Rome. This developed into the idea of a place where soldiers are housed. Campus itself came into English in the 18th century as the term for university or college grounds. See also champion

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Syllabification: cam·paign

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