Definition of canaliculus in English:


Syllabification: can·a·lic·u·lus
Pronunciation: /ˌkanəˈlikyələs

noun (plural canaliculi /-ˌlī/)

A small channel or duct.
More example sentences
  • The first step is to cannulate each canaliculus using a lacrimal duct probe.
  • Close inspection of the scans revealed an enlarged inferior tympanic canaliculus, an absent vertical carotid canal, a vascular prominence over the promontory and a normal horizontal intrapetrous carotid canal.
  • PPIs are lipophilic weak bases that cross the parietal cell membrane and enter the acidic parietal cell canaliculus.



Pronunciation: /-ˈikyələr/
More example sentences
  • Elastin synthesis is increased during the canalicular and saccular stage of fetal development and reaches a peak during alveolarization in the neonatal stage.
  • Four histologic types are recognized: total, canalicular, exocrine, and endocrine heterotopia.
  • Excess of these metabolites in the urine in obstetric cholestasis may be related to malfunction of biliary canalicular transporters normally responsible for their secretion from hepatocytes into bile.

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