Definition of carboxylate in English:

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Pronunciation: /kärˈbäksəˌlāt/ /-lit/


A salt or ester of a carboxylic acid.
Example sentences
  • Alkaline earth metal ions more readily bind ‘hard’ ligands such as phosphates, carboxylates, and hydroxyl groups.
  • What is more, the indicator has two proton-binding sites: the oxyanion of the xanthene ring and the carboxylate of the benzene as independent sites, which can also exchange protons among themselves.
  • Such a low pH value suggests that at higher pH the protonation of a carboxylate, forming a hydrogen bond, would break this interaction leading to a destabilization and a change in the heme pocket crucial to catalysis.


[with object]
Add a carboxyl group to (a compound): (as adjective carboxylated) carboxylated polysaccharides
More example sentences
  • It is suggested that mitochondrial pyruvate is partly oxidized by the TCA cycle and is partly exported to the cytoplasm where it is carboxylated to form malate 1-for continued export to the apoplast.
  • Depending on ratios of CO 2 to O 2 at binding sites of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase, ribulose bisphosphate is either carboxylated or oxygenated.
  • As the name of the enzyme implies, pyruvate is carboxylated to form oxaloacetate.



Pronunciation: /kärˌbäksəˈlāSHən/
Example sentences
  • Rubisco must be activated to catalyse the carboxylation and oxygenation reactions.
  • Thus, malate produced following PEP carboxylation is readily decarboxylated and the CO 2 released.
  • Besides requiring vitamin K, these extrinsic factors need carbon dioxide and oxygen for carboxylation.
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