There are 2 definitions of chime in English:


Syllabification: chime
Pronunciation: /CHīm


(often chimes)
1A bell or a metal bar or tube, typically one of a set tuned to produce a melodious series of ringing sounds when struck.
More example sentences
  • Take off the cover to the chimes or bells and inspect the points that strike the chime or bell for dirt.
  • Some looked like variants of things I recognized; there were string instruments like lutes or small guitars, there were drums, chimes, tambourines.
  • Here, Stewart's vocals hang in hazy suspensions of wafting guitars, piercing chimes, subliminal drones, and ornately wrought percussion.
1.1A melodious ringing sound produced by striking a set of chimes: I hear the chimes of the hour from the courthouse
More example sentences
  • Even out here, he had heard the chimes and was transported.
  • A few seconds after she spoke, the crew of the Varian could hear the same mysterious chimes floating through the air, but this time, they did have a melody.
  • Reality of the situation came back down when I heard the chimes go through the house and I froze, horrified.
peal, pealing, ringing, carillon, toll, tolling; ding-dong, clanging, tintinnabulation
literary knell
1.2 (chimes) A set of tuned metal rods used as an orchestral instrument.
More example sentences
  • Serean continued to curse and yell at the fish in her underground water garden when she heard a loud set of chimes chime and bells in the high tower ring to an old eerie tune.
  • And, of course, the only bells that ring there are not the clanging chimes of doom.
  • The students who crafted the chimes and other metal elements had to learn welding as a part of their ten-week experience.
1.3 (chimes) A set of tuned bells used as a doorbell.
More example sentences
  • It wasn't until we had reached the top platform in front of the door that we heard the bells and chimes tune telling everyone we had arrived.
  • Much like musical doorbell chimes: you can only listen to a badly midi-ized version of the William Tell overture once before you rip out the batteries and revert to knocking.
  • People choose chimes for two button doorbell circuits because they want different sounds for the front and back doors.
1.4 Bell-ringing A stroke of the clapper against one or both sides of a scarcely moving bell.
More example sentences
  • Doomsday was not on the agenda when the chimes struck midnight and 2000 was born.
  • The chime struck twice, to ring in the second millennium.
  • Time passes again, the same clock hands spin madly, the same bells ring and the same chimes chime.


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1(Of a bell or clock) make melodious ringing sounds, typically to indicate the time: [with complement]: the clock chimed eight
More example sentences
  • A bell chimed from a grandfather clock in the corner of the room.
  • Elsewhere, other fireworks lit the night sky, as the St Magnus Cathedral bells chimed over Broad Street revellers and Stromness echoed to the sound of ships' horns.
  • At 10.29 am, when the second tower collapsed, bells chimed and fog-horns of boats on the nearby Hudson River sounded.
ring, peal, toll, sound; ding, dong, clang, boom, bong
literary knell
strike, sound
2Be in agreement; harmonize: his poem chimes with our modern experience of loss
More example sentences
  • Moreover, the apparently abstract nature of many of the paintings - particularly those with a limited range of colours and a simple geometric composition - chimes with the modern design aesthetic.
  • Housing experts believe that the market in Scotland will continue to slow this year with rises pegged at around an average of 5% at the most, chiming with the results of the YouGov survey.
  • But now the same complaint is chiming with adults, angered by a decision to go to war that flies in the face of public opinion.


Middle English (in the senses 'cymbal' and 'ring out'): probably from Old English cimbal (see cymbal), later interpreted as chime bell.

Phrasal verbs

chime in

1Interject a remark: “Yes, you do that,” Doreen chimed in eagerly
More example sentences
  • Just thought I'd chime in during the commercial break.
  • The young woman's male counterpart quickly chimed in, interrupting her.
  • My dad takes a break from the tan lady to chime in.
2Join in harmoniously.
More example sentences
  • Thank you very much for joining us and chiming in.
  • Soon, all the fairies were chiming in that they would join Lucen in an attempt to escape.
  • All right, Rick, Jeff, we appreciate you chiming in on it tonight and joining us.



More example sentences
  • The most surreal presence was a black-and-white monitor of the conductor, there for the benefit of the backstage conductress to direct a chimer who had to ape the sounds of church bells.
  • Luckily, it's one of those funky wireless contraptions, so we can put the chimer anywhere in the apartment.
  • Third, as shown in the following billboards, some chimers may be tinkling the bells of inappropriate servers.

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There are 2 definitions of chime in English:


Syllabification: chime
Pronunciation: /
(also chimb)


The projecting rim at the end of a cask.
More example sentences
  • There is disclosed a cask and chime assembly wherein the cask has end surface side wall portions of reduced diameter relative to the central wall surface portion of the cask.
  • These chimes have a rim portion with an in-turned flange that fits into a groove located in the cask.
  • First, the rim or 'chime' of a cask was bevelled to slope inwards, and then finished off with a smaller sharp adze.


late Middle English: probably from an Old English word related to Dutch kim and German Kimme. Compare with chine3.

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