Definition of chosen in English:


Syllabification: cho·sen
Pronunciation: /ˈCHōzən
past participle of choose.


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Having been selected as the best or most appropriate: music is his chosen vocation
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  • Those who want to work in their chosen fields often have to migrate to other countries.
  • Thus a person's chosen lawyer may be ill or engaged elsewhere or conflicted out.
  • She really is an exceptional woman and her commitment to her chosen sport is astounding.
selected, picked, appointed, elected, favored, hand-picked


chosen few

A group of people who are special or different, typically in a way thought to be unfair: why have they kept this secret to themselves, the chosen few?
More example sentences
  • After centuries of changing political rule, however, education became the privilege of a chosen few, and was confined within the walls of the palaces.
  • Every deficiency is magnified, the feelings of loneliness, poverty, and hopelessness casting long and cold shadows over the snow in the face of the opulence of the chosen few.
  • Luke is one of the lucky chosen few, and the admission could mean realising his dreams of entering a prominent law school.

chosen people

The Jewish people considered (in Jewish and Christian tradition) as having been selected by God for a special relationship with him.
More example sentences
  • Originally a secular movement, Zionism has its foundation in the Millenarian belief that the Jews, the chosen people of God, will be reunited from diaspora (dispersion or exile) in their rightful homeland.
  • We need to stand together and remain the chosen people.
  • He is preaching to Israel, God's chosen people, those who worshiped at the temple and synagogue and believed in the God of Abraham.
(In Christian use) those destined for salvation; believing Christians.
More example sentences
  • In the new covenant introduced by Jesus, we have all become God's chosen people, called to spread the marvelous truth of his love to the world.
  • God's chosen people become willing in the day of His power.
  • We are all a chosen people, beloved of God, redeemed by the blood of Christ.

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