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Syllabification: cir·cuit
Pronunciation: /ˈsərkət
(abbreviation: cir. or circ.)


  • 1A roughly circular line, route, or movement that starts and finishes at the same place: I ran a circuit of the village
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    • The circuit was almost finished, and I was second.
    • He finished a circuit around the main square.
    • Grunting, he picked up one sack, bearing it with him as he finished the circuit of the booths.
    lap, turn, round, circle
  • 2An established itinerary of events or venues used for a particular activity, typically involving public performance: the alternative cabaret circuit
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    • A growing theatre company is developing its circuit of rural venues by bringing a piece of contemporary dynamite to local stages.
    • She secured the coveted title of Sports Personality of the Year based on her outstanding performances on the international circuit last year.
    • The comedian has been a regular performer at major venues on the national circuit.
  • 2.1A series of athletic exercises performed consecutively in one training session: [as modifier]: circuit training
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    • If your hotel has a fitness center, this is the day to add a light circuit of resistance training to work all your muscles.
    • There will also be a five-week circuit training course beginning on January 12.
    • Performing a circuit workout once or twice a week will at least keep you in the habit of training.
  • 2.2A regular journey made by a judge around a particular district to hear cases in court: [as modifier]: a circuit judge
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    • The circuit court judge who heard the case at trial directed the jury to find for the plaintiff.
    • A neighbours' squabble over late-night noise ended in court before a circuit judge, 12 jurors and two barristers.
    • It was the kind of decision that the liberal judges on the circuit normally ask the court to rehear.
    tour, tour of duty, rounds, regular journey
    informal beat
  • 2.3A district administered or formerly administered by traveling judges.
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    • The country was divided by Henry II into six judicial circuits for the purpose of bringing royal justice to all regions.
    • Six tourism circuits will be identified for development to international standards during 2002-03.
    • The commissioners were major lay and ecclesiastical lords with only small landholdings in the shires of the circuit.
  • 2.4A group of local Methodist churches forming an administrative unit.
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    • There are other churches on the Methodist circuit in Accrington so there might be other people in other churches prepared to help.
    • The cathedral is set to be packed for the service, with all tickets already distributed through deaneries and Methodist circuits.
    • There are currently around 11 Methodist churches in the Keighley circuit.
  • 2.5A chain of theaters or nightclubs under a single management.
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    • In more than 20 years of studying the Odeon cinema circuit, he had seen this kind of scenario enacted many times.
  • 3A complete and closed path around which a circulating electric current can flow.
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    • He had learned that an inductance coil was a closed circuit with no current of its own.
    • When the charges connect, effectively closing a circuit, electric energy flows along that jagged path.
    • When air is brought into contact with the second electrode, current flows through any circuit linking the two electrodes.
  • 3.1A system of electrical conductors and components forming a complete and closed path.
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    • She cannot list the major components in an electrical circuit even though they were described in the chapter.
    • Power electronics technology uses electronic circuits to convert and control electric energy with optimum efficiency.
    • The components of the circuit are checked against specific parameters.


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  • Move all the way around (a place or thing): the trains will follow the northern line, circuiting the capital
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    • You will accompany me as we backtrack through art's history, before circuiting the globe in pursuit of art's diverse manifestations.
    • There is a railway with model trains circuiting the room.
    • An American couple, circuiting the perimeter, had just visited HMS Britannia.


late Middle English: via Old French from Latin circuitus, from circuire, variant of circumire 'go around', from circum 'around' + ire 'go'.

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