Definition of clear in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈklir/


1Easy to perceive, understand, or interpret: the voice on the telephone was clear and strong clear and precise directions her handwriting was clear am I making myself clear?
More example sentences
  • The audio is quite good for a mono track, with dialogue clear and easy to understand.
  • I hope I am making myself clear, because you bring up a good point with this, for me.
  • There has been extensive market research and field trials of various sample maps to ensure that the new maps are clear and easy to read.
understandable, comprehensible, intelligible, plain, uncomplicated, explicit, lucid, coherent, simple, straightforward, unambiguous, clear-cut, crystal clear
formal perspicuous
1.1Leaving no doubt; obvious or unambiguous: it was clear that they were in a trap a clear case of poisoning
More example sentences
  • But the evidence that the family was blighted already seemed abundantly clear.
  • I was not with her in Greece but the press reports of her remarks seem abundantly clear.
  • The rules provide a fairly clear indication of what past practice was.
obvious, evident, plain, crystal clear;
sure, definite, unmistakable, manifest, indisputable, patent, incontrovertible, irrefutable, beyond doubt, beyond question;
palpable, visible, discernible, conspicuous, overt, blatant, glaring;
as plain as day, as plain as the nose on one's face
1.2Having or feeling no doubt or confusion: every student must be clear about what is expected
More example sentences
  • I learned that one ought to try to have a clear idea of where you're wanting to go.
  • Its editor has a clear idea of why things took off.
  • Let's get a clear idea what we want it to look like when it's done.
2(Of a substance) transparent: the clear glass of the French windows a stream of clear water
More example sentences
  • He pauses to pour ice water into a clear glass tumbler, and drinks from it heartily.
  • A little water spilled over the blue top, speckling the darkly varnished wood with clear droplets of water.
  • People are encouraged to begin to drink and eat as soon as they feel ready, starting with clear fluids such as water or apple juice.
transparent, limpid, pellucid, translucent, crystal clear;
2.1Free of cloud, mist, or rain: the day was fine and clear
More example sentences
  • The view from the window may not be as clear and free of cloud as we would wish.
  • Much as I delight in really dramatic sunsets, there's a special, quiet joy to be had when the sky is clear of clouds.
  • Peering into an evening sky, clear of clouds, is one of life's more rewarding moments.
bright, cloudless, unclouded, without a cloud in the sky
2.2(Of a person’s skin) free from blemishes.
Example sentences
  • He was doing far worse than the last time I saw him when his skin was almost clear.
  • Her skin used to be clear, but now it was blotchy and there were still a few nasty bruises on her bony legs.
  • He had clear olive skin, short brown hair and the most intense brown eyes she had ever seen.
unblemished, spot-free
2.3(Of a person’s eyes) unclouded; shining: I looked into her clear gray eyes
More example sentences
  • She was forty, with long black hair that had a few gray strands in it and clear eyes.
  • He knew this would be the last time he looked so closely into her clear eyes.
  • Her eyes are clear and bright and there's no trace of pain or anguish on her pixie face.
2.4(Of a color) pure and intense: clear blue delphiniums
More example sentences
  • It could be produced in many bright, clear colours, and had long life and durability.
  • It's a silvery world of mauves, soft greens and occasional outbursts of clear colour.
  • I could see the clock at the other side of the room and all the colours were so clear.
2.5 archaic (Of a fire) burning with little smoke: a bright, clear flame
More example sentences
  • As it heated he held his hands close to the clear flame, worked his knuckles loose.
3Free of any obstructions or unwanted objects: with a clear road ahead, he shifted into high gear I had a clear view in both directions his desktop was almost clear
More example sentences
  • In a car sit in the front seat if possible so you can get a clear view of the road.
  • But even inside the exclusion zone, the middle of the road was quite clear of snow.
  • In heavy rain, the fastest speed of the windscreen wipers is inadequate to keep the view ahead clear.
unobstructed, unblocked, passable, unrestricted, open, unhindered
3.1(Of a period of time) free of any appointments or commitments: the following Saturday Mattie had a clear day
More example sentences
  • Chose a clear day to mend a broken fence covered in a climber, as it will be a time-consuming job to untie and untangle the plant.
3.2 [predicative] (Of a person) free of something undesirable or unpleasant: after 18 months of treatment he was clear of TB
More example sentences
  • He began to improve within days, and as far as the doctors can tell, he is now clear of the cancer.
  • A fund was set up in her name, and she is now clear of leukemia and back in Baghdad with her family.
  • Chris is a naturally fit guy, and as soon as he was clear of injury he was ready to come back into the team.
3.3(Of a person’s mind) free of something that impairs logical thought: in the morning, with a clear head, she would tackle all her problems
More example sentences
  • And once the decision had been made, his mind was clear and he was free to play the way he knew he could.
  • The void is full of potential, just like a clear mind free of eccentricities, prejudices and egos.
  • We'll need clear minds tomorrow and for the rest of the four weeks.
3.4(Of a person’s conscience) free of guilt.
Example sentences
  • If I woke up some morning and said it was not for me, I'd have an absolutely clear conscience.
  • Of course this could just be my tortured logic enabling me to vote for him with a clear conscience…
  • Politics, in many ways, does not delight in a clear conscience and clean hands.
untroubled, undisturbed, unperturbed, unconcerned, having no qualms;
peaceful, at peace, tranquil, serene, calm, easy
4 [predicative] (clear of) Not touching; away from: the truck was wedged in the ditch, one wheel clear of the ground
More example sentences
  • His grateful passengers disembark and head for their cars, parked on either side of the road clear of the water.
5 [attributive] (Of a sum of money) net: a clear profit of $1,100
6 Phonetics Denoting a palatalized form of l (as in salad or willing) in some southern US accents or as in leaf in Irish accents. Often contrasted with dark.


1So as to be out of the way of or away from: he leapt clear of the car stand clear, I’ll start the plane up
More example sentences
  • Always keep your fingers well clear of their claws.
  • Native birds, he said, were not at risk because they stayed clear of the starling horde.
  • The older woman was thrown clear of the vehicle and received only minor injuries.
away from, apart from, at a (safe) distance from, out of contact with
1.1So as not to be obstructed or cluttered: the floor had been swept clear of litter
2Completely: he had time to get clear away
More example sentences
  • He stepped forward and embraced his son, lifting him clear off the ground.
  • John glared back at him, tempted to shove him clear off the railing.
completely, entirely, fully, wholly, totally, utterly
informal clean
2.1 (clear to) chiefly North American All the way to: you could see clear to the bottom of the lagoon


1 [no object] Become clear, in particular.
1.1(Of the sky or weather) become free of cloud or rain: we’ll go out if the weather clears
More example sentences
  • After weeks of fog, wind and rain the weather suddenly cleared to allow for a helicopter trip to try and locate them.
  • After a week of heavy rain the weather cleared just in time for the first event of 2004.
  • The skies slowly cleared and the cumulus clouds got friendlier as the day went on.
brighten (up), lighten, clear up, become bright/brighter, become light/lighter, become sunny
1.2(Of a liquid) become transparent: a wine that refuses to clear
More example sentences
  • Staff ran the taps continuously to see if the water would clear.
  • There were a few nice ones caught during the afternoon in the dirty water but not so many once the tide started to run in and the water cleared.
  • The bulk of the fish were caught on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as the water cleared.
1.3Become free of obstructions: the boy’s lungs cleared and he began to breathe more easily
More example sentences
  • But her head soon cleared and her lungs began to fill with air less painfully.
  • My lungs have cleared, and I'm over the cough - that at least is good, but the bleeding gums and sore teeth are most decidedly not.
  • Twenty four hours on, the lungs start to clear and at 48 hours there is no nicotine left in the body.
1.4Gradually go away or disappear: the fever clears in two to four weeks the mist had cleared away
More example sentences
  • The smoke cleared to reveal the floor covered with black and dark green snakes of all lengths and speeds.
  • Stand by your brand in slow times, and watch it grow when the storm clears.
  • Or, a company may need so much drastic fixing that a full-timer would just be resented too much if he stayed after the storm cleared.
disappear, go away, end;
peter out, fade, wear off, decrease, lessen, diminish
1.5(Of a person’s face or expression) assume a happier aspect following previous confusion or distress: for a moment, Sam was confused; then his expression cleared
More example sentences
  • She looked confused by my good manners, then her face cleared as if the sun had just dawned.
  • They talked more openly when they knew I was a dancer, their faces cleared with recognition when I told them where I worked, and some looked envious.
  • But then his face cleared and became calm suddenly.
1.6(Of a person’s mind) regain the capacity for logical thought; become free of confusion: his mind cleared and he began to reflect
More example sentences
  • The minute his hand gripped her arm, her mind cleared and she began to look for possible escape routes.
  • She began to feel more at peace, her mind cleared and the even strokes nearly made her fall asleep.
  • As my mind clears, I realize that the trail itself has its own history of being shaped and sculpted by many diverse forces.
2 [with object] Make (something) clear, in particular.
Example sentences
  • They were at the scene for 90 minutes, helping to free the victims and clear the road.
  • In an instant, the smoke cleared a path for her to walk safely through.
  • For with the schedule cleared to cover the crisis and 24 hours to fill, any incremental development soon has a momentum of its own.
2.1Remove an obstruction or unwanted item or items from: the driveway had been cleared of snow Carolyn cleared the table
More example sentences
  • The ship's dining room has been cleared of the tables and the last dance has just finished.
  • It has been cleared of rats and other introduced predators.
  • This island was named by Captain Cook and has been cleared of rats and vermin so as to be used as a bird sanctuary.
2.2Free (land) for cultivation or building by removing vegetation or existing structures.
Example sentences
  • These early families set to work clearing the land, building shelters, and planting crops.
  • The lithic finds, many of which are arrow heads, date back to the days of the forest, before the low-lying coastal lands were cleared and cultivated.
  • The farmers cleared the land, cultivated rye and flax, and raised cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry.
2.3Free (one’s mind) of unpleasantness or confusion: even the final clue failed to clear his mind
More example sentences
  • After the movie, Conrad felt so happy that everything that happened today was cleared from his mind.
  • Sleepless nights and stressful days had led her to the roof, where everything cleared from her mind as she watched the sun rising or setting.
  • She relaxed her mind and cleared all her thoughts - which was hard to do, with the amount of fear and anxiety that filled her mind.
2.4Cause people to leave (a building or place): the police shouted a warning and cleared the streets
More example sentences
  • Forty staff from Westminster then helped workers from the Royal Parks to clear the Mall and neighbouring parks.
  • We thought that they would take our warning seriously and clear the building.
  • They have assisted in clearing buildings and homes, because it's a manpower-intensive battle in the urban terrain.
evacuate, empty;
3 [with object] Remove (an obstruction or unwanted item) from somewhere: snow was cleared from the storm drains park staff cleared away dead trees
More example sentences
  • They whispered to the tall man as they cleared dirty plates off the table and replaced them with platters of desserts.
  • These volunteers spent a few hours removing the sand from the footpath and clearing the seaweed from the slipway leading onto the beach.
  • That has forced manufacturers to rely on deep price cuts to clear their unwanted inventories.
remove, take away, carry away, tidy up
get rid of, throw out/away, discard, dispose of, dump, scrap, jettison
informal chuck (out), deep-six, ditch, trash
3.1chiefly Soccer Send (the ball) away from the area near one’s goal.
Example sentences
  • The shot hit the post before being cleared to safety.
  • However his angled shot went across the goal and was cleared to safety.
  • The next thing to remember when clearing into triple threat is to never, and I mean never, take and put the ball up over your head immediately.
3.2Discharge (a debt).
Example sentences
  • A student in debt is trying to clear his overdraft by starting a website to help others manage their cash.
  • There are evil guys to fend off; there is a debt to be cleared.
  • After the debt has been cleared, and a better standard of player purchased, what then?
4 [with object] Get past or over (something) safely or without touching it: the plane rose high enough to clear the trees
More example sentences
  • As he was still moving, the SUV roared past, barely clearing his car.
  • You can see he clearly was not picked up high enough and barely cleared the ropes.
  • They nimbly cleared bows of fallen trees as they ran, pushing their legs to go faster and harder.
go over, pass over, sail over;
jump (over), vault (over), leap (over), hurdle
4.1Jump (a specified height) in a competition: she cleared 1.50 meters in the high jump
More example sentences
  • He had many a triumph and was especially associated with the high jump, clearing his own height on several occasions.
  • He was the first competitor to jump and he cleared a very reasonable distance of 17.06 metres.
  • He came third in the A-string high jump clearing 1.20m.
5 [with object] Show or declare (someone) officially to be innocent: the commission had cleared the weightlifter of cheating
More example sentences
  • So even if he's cleared in both those appeals, it's not definite that he will go back into the team?
  • She spent 18 nightmare months in jail before the evidence on her double murder conviction was discredited and she was cleared on appeal in December 2003.
  • An independent appeal panel cleared her in July 1995 after doubt was cast as to the accuracy of the tests carried out.
acquit, declare innocent, find not guilty;
absolve, exonerate
informal let off (the hook)
formal exculpate
6 [with object] Give official approval or authorization to: I cleared him to return to his squadron
More example sentences
  • The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Bill has been cleared by the Union cabinet.
  • It is true that there is evidence that some returnees have been persecuted for and convicted of war crimes despite being included in any amnesty or cleared by the authorities before return.
  • Once a request has been made by the office of a federal lawmaker on behalf of a citizen wanting to visit the facility, it must be cleared by higher authorities.
authorize, give permission, permit, allow, pass, accept, endorse, license, sanction, give approval, give consent
informal OK, give the OK, give the thumbs up, give the green light, give the go-ahead
6.1Get official approval for (something): the press releases had to be cleared with the White House
More example sentences
  • All 24 names on the coalition list were cleared with the Minister of the Economy, and probably with other government officials.
  • When I asked him, he said that he had strict orders form my father that parties were out of the question unless it was cleared with him first.
  • I kept finding myself speaking without the words being cleared with my brain.
6.2(Of a person or goods) satisfy the necessary requirements to pass through (customs): I can help her to clear customs quickly
More example sentences
  • When we have been cleared by Canadian customs we will be billeted and taken to church halls and primary schools in school buses.
  • Will I have to pay any special duties or fines before being cleared by customs at the airport?
  • I handed in my luggage at the counter, had my passport checked, was cleared by a customs officer and entered the restricted area.
6.3Pass (a check) through a clearinghouse so that the money goes into the payee’s account: the check could not be cleared until Monday
More example sentences
  • The worst accounts take up to ten days to clear cheques for interest purposes!
  • After receiving the cheque, he paid it into his branch, on June 28, and went back three days later to ask the cashier if the cheque had been cleared.
  • He was arrested in the bank as he waited for the cheque to be cleared.
6.4 [no object] (Of a check) pass through a clearinghouse so that the money goes into the payee’s account.
Example sentences
  • Two of them were returned marked ‘insufficient funds,’ while the third one cleared.
  • If you do it yourself, balance your checkbook register, so you know what is outstanding and what has cleared.
  • Awards remain conditional until the cheque has cleared.
7 [with object] Earn or gain (an amount of money) as a net profit: I would hope to clear $50,000 profit
More example sentences
  • The company cleared $188 million in profits in the last two years.
net, make/realize a profit of, take home, pocket;
gain, earn, make, get, bring in, pull in



as clear as mud

see mud.
Example sentences
  • As I suspected, all is clear as mud at this point.
  • The next steps are clear as mud.
  • The strangely murky waters of the UK's broadband market were stirred up once again last week, making things clear as mud, as usual.

clear the air

Make the air less sultry.
Example sentences
  • Although the rain makes a pleasant change from the heat of the weekend, it hasn't cleared the air.
2.1Defuse or clarify an angry, tense, or confused situation by frank discussion: it’s time a few things were said to clear the air
More example sentences
  • The discussions cleared the air and as a parliamentary party we need to make it clear that we won't tolerate people briefing behind the scenes.
  • We agreed to facilitate a public meeting in order to get discussion going, and so hope to clear the air.
  • He accepted the progress report hasn't been discussed and offered to attend a special meeting to clear the air over the 100 or so outstanding issues.

(as) clear as a bell

see bell1.

(as) clear as day

Very easy to see or understand.
Example sentences
  • Looking around, she noticed she could see clear as day.
  • But when you actually saw the written evidence it was as clear as day.
  • She recognized her own handwriting as clear as day on the back of the picture as he flipped it around.

clear the decks

Prepare for a particular event or goal by dealing with anything beforehand that might hinder progress.
Example sentences
  • ‘Obviously now things have blown and people are clearing the decks and I just think anyone who's got anything to say should say it now,’ she said.
  • Your Honours, may I clear the decks so far as the facts which of course are not as factual inquiry before this Court but without which we cannot win.
  • He is to abandon two central planks of the government's crime legislation as he clears the decks before announcing the start of the general election campaign, expected in the next two days.

clear the name of

Show to be innocent: the spokesman released a statement attempting to clear his client’s name
More example sentences
  • But families still fight for years to clear the name of loved ones who were put to death.
  • Legalization will not only make it safer for users but it will clear the name of the estimated 600,000 Canadians who have been convicted of simple cannabis possession.
  • And the findings will try to clear the name of the warship's commander whose career was ruined by a subsequent court martial.

clear one's throat

Cough slightly so as to speak more clearly, attract attention, or to express hesitancy before saying something awkward.
Example sentences
  • Matt awkwardly clears his throat and begins to speak.
  • I coughed, partly to clear my throat, partly to demand full attention.
  • He was suffering from a heavy cold which caused him to sniffle, blow his nose, cough and clear his throat throughout his 135-minute performance.

clear the way

Remove an obstacle or hindrance to allow progress: the ruling could be enough to clear the way for impeachment proceedings
More example sentences
  • I also hope that this will now clear the way for speedy progress on the initiative to find a suitable home for a memorial to the Women of the Second World War.
  • We are there to breach obstacles and clear the way for the fighting troops.
  • The union is trying to sell its latest deal by promising that the pay entrenchment clause will be removed, clearing the way for further secondary pay increases.
[in imperative]8.1 Stand aside: Stand back, there! Clear the way!

in clear

Not encrypted; not in code: the Russian staff practice of sending radio messages and orders in clear
More example sentences
  • At Army Group level the Russians were using simple codes, but lower formations sent radio signals in clear.

in the clear

No longer in danger or suspected of something: the latest information put her in the clear
More example sentences
  • Then I was in the clear, free from any desire to smoke.
  • But we also saw the light and knew that by Thursday we would be in the clear.
  • So, it's still not in the clear, by any stretch of the imagination.

out of a (or the) clear blue sky

As a complete surprise: his moods blew up suddenly out of a clear blue sky
More example sentences
  • Aware that such social tornadoes can twist towards them out of a clear sky, governments have learned to be cautious.
  • When angered, people burn, things break and fly around, lightning may strike out of a clear sky.
  • I've heard of lightning coming out of a clear sky.

Phrasal verbs


clear off

[usually in imperative] informal Go away: “Clear off!” he yelled
More example sentences
  • He's had two children by her and then in 2002 he clears off.

clear out

informal Leave quickly.
Example sentences
  • The soldiers quickly cleared out of the room.
  • Traditionally weddings are short and the crowd clears out quickly afterwards.

clear something out

Remove the contents from something so as to tidy it or free it for alternative use: they told her to clear out her desk by the next day
More example sentences
  • I'm afraid you'll have to clear your desk out by the end of the day.
  • Hospital and nursing home patients were cleared out and truckloads of water, ice and ready-made meals and rescue and medical teams were put on standby.
  • All flower beds have been cleared out, trees have been planted, shrubs have been pruned and a general clean-up is takin place around the village.

clear up

1(Of an illness or other medical condition) become cured: all my health problems cleared up
More example sentences
  • After taking medication, Sarah's condition appeared to clear up.
  • They offer to change your life by clearing up chronic conditions, lifting depressions, boosting your immune system and making you happy as well as healthy.
  • The condition usually clears up within 7 to 14 days.
2(Of the weather) become brighter.
Example sentences
  • If the weather clears up a little we might even go camping.
  • Of course, the weather soon cleared up again and July started nicely.
  • The weather has cleared up a lot and it's now sunny, but still windy.
2.1(Of rain) stop.
Example sentences
  • And after three days of heavy rain, it cleared up minutes before the ceremony.
  • There didn't seem to be quite a big a rush at first this year, but they began to pack in as the day went on, when the rain cleared up.
  • The rain even cleared up by the time we got to the registry office which meant we could take photos outside.

clear something up

1 (also clear up) Tidy something up by removing trash or other unwanted items: he decided to clear up his garage I keep meaning to come down here and clear up
More example sentences
  • ‘The council needs to do something about it, and I don't just mean clearing it up and moving the youths on,’ he said.
  • Mr Messy was very messy and asked Mr Clean and Mr Tidy to clear up his house.
  • An obsessively tidy man, he clears up after Elizabeth cooks.
empty (out);
tidy (up), declutter, clean up, clear up
1.1Remove trash or other unwanted items to leave something tidy: he asked the boys to clear up their mess
More example sentences
  • Anyone caught not clearing up after their dog is liable to a £25 spot fine.
  • I absolutely hate it when people throw litter like that and I often clear it up from outside my home.
  • She added that when the council did collect the rubbish, they left all the loose litter and had to send a specialist team to clear it up on January 8.
2Solve or explain something: he wanted to clear up some misconceptions
More example sentences
  • Unless misconceptions were cleared up here at the very beginning, they were likely to reinforce already existing prejudices.
  • I'm not necessarily telling you this to scare you or something, but I figured this could clear some things up.
  • Tim briefly explained what Grandpa had told to him, hopefully clearing things up.
solve, resolve, straighten out, find an/the answer to;
get to the bottom of, explain
informal crack, figure out
3Cure an illness or other medical condition: folk customs prescribed sage tea to clear up measles
More example sentences
  • The ailment becomes the cure and the symptoms are cleared up not by their actual remedy, but by our ignorant submission or our willful hypnosis to another glossy spin and a catchy jingle.
  • If your teenager has bad acne, your GP can prescribe medication to help clear it up.
  • Luckily, a German pharmacist understood my sign language and sold me a miracle cure that cleared it up in a few days.



Example sentences
  • A study was conducted to identify the types, amounts, and radiological properties of potentially clearable soils.
  • The stapling apparatus is mounted and supported such that staple jams within the stapler head are clearable by an ordinary user of the reproduction machine.
  • The chip is an extension of already available clearable devices.


Pronunciation: /ˈkli(ə)rnis/
Example sentences
  • Its advantages to him seemed to lie primarily in the fact that it can lead to much greater clearness and precision.
  • The warmth and humbleness of the material helps, as does the lovely clearness and simplicity of the outline.
  • It was about eleven o’ clock in the morning, mid October, with the sun not shining and a look of hard wet rain in the clearness of the foothills.


Middle English: from Old French cler, from Latin clarus.

  • clarinet from [mid 18th century]:

    This musical term is from French clarinette, a diminutive of clarine denoting a kind of bell; it is related to Middle English clarion originally ‘a shrill narrow-tubed war trumpet’, from medieval Latin clario(n-), from Latin clarus ‘clear’. From the same source come claret, clarity, clarify, clear, and declare; all Middle English.

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