Definition of cloudy in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈkloudē/

adjective (cloudier, cloudiest)

1(Of the sky or weather) covered with or characterized by clouds; overcast: next morning was cloudy
More example sentences
  • Interestingly, the cloudy sky and cool weather in the open ground of the school, where the event was held, added to its serenity.
  • The weather forecast for Delhi and neighbouring areas foretells generally cloudy skies with rain and thunder showers and heavy showers in some areas.
  • Further, the weather there is often foggy and skies are cloudy.
overcast, clouded;
dark, gray, black, leaden, murky;
somber, dismal, heavy, gloomy;
hazy, misty, foggy
2(Of a liquid) not transparent or clear: the pond water is slightly cloudy
More example sentences
  • For one thing, the once clear water was now cloudy and a murky purple shade.
  • On the table in front of them is a skull in a jar of cloudy liquid.
  • At this point, the cloudy liquid becomes clear and less viscous, and now resembles other liquids.
murky, muddy, milky, dirty, opaque, turbid
2.1(Of a color) opaque; having white as a constituent: cloudy reds and blues and greens
More example sentences
  • It was a round globe about the size of an orange, a perfect sphere, of a cloudy red colour.
  • From under a thick, tangled fall of white hair, cloudy blue eyes peered out.
  • The apples from China, with whitish yellow pulp and a cloudy red and striped appearance, are the latest to hit the city.
2.2(Of someone’s eyes) misted with tears: she stared at him, her eyes cloudy
More example sentences
  • His eyes were cloudy, tears on the verge of falling down his aged face.
  • Lee caught sight of a tear escaping from his cloudy eyes and leaving a glistening trail down his pale cheeks.
  • She blinked her cloudy eyes, a hand drifting downwards towards her abdomen where her body still tingled.
tearful, teary, weepy, lachrymose;
misty, blurred
2.3Uncertain; unclear: the issue becomes more cloudy
More example sentences
  • Shame lingers rather longer, mainly as your mother can be left behind at home when you head back up to Dublin, but the vague cloudy memories of your behavior, sadly, cannot.
  • Off and on through this time, odd figures passed before his bed, and he saw them with the same cloudy uncertainty as before.
  • I was about 8 years old when we did this, so my memory is a bit cloudy… however, I'm sure he brought happiness to a lot of people.



Pronunciation: /ˈkloudəlē/
Example sentences
  • When he recalls the high school teacher who straightened him out and gave him the ambition to succeed in conventional society, his monologue is so cloudily written that we never get a vivid picture of the father figure.
  • Moreover, he believed that there are two kinds of truth: a trivial kind, which could be articulated clearly, and a profound kind which could only be spoken about cloudily.
  • The crystal cloudily caught the light from outside and slid from silvery-green to quartz-like almost instantaneously.


Pronunciation: /ˈkloudēnis/
Example sentences
  • However, the cloudiness of the skies and light pollution from the sodium vapour and fluorescent lamps cut visibility.
  • Despite the cloudiness and the rain, the city's temperature will remain warm in the following week.
  • The warm ocean water alters the normal patterns of cloudiness and rainfall and can influence the movement of weather patterns, potentially affecting weather around the world.

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