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Syllabification: cluck
Pronunciation: /klək


1The characteristic short, guttural sound made by a hen.
More example sentences
  • Farmers usually keep farm animals to supplement their income, but a visitor to this farm will not hear clucks or moos.
  • But for the rest of us, the meaning behind creatures' clucks, rumbles, and whistles remains a mystery.
  • A chorus of clucks answered the maiden when the door was opened.
1.1A short, guttural sound made by a person to express concern or disapproval: Loretta gave a cluck of impatience
More example sentences
  • Margaret was temporarily silenced, but she still made displeased clucks as she looked her daughter over.
  • He gave a cluck of sorts and began the lesson.
  • He made a noise which, had he been female, would have been instantly recognized as a sympathetic cluck.
2North American informal A stupid or foolish person: a cluck too lazy to put up a clothesline
More example sentences
  • I have seen some of the responsible anti-war leaders try to distance themselves from such clucks, but not enough.
  • Whether she intended to eventually marry the silly cluck or not, that wouldn't matter, because I just wouldn't like it.


(also cluck-cluck) [no object] Back to top  
1(Of a hen) make a short, guttural sound.
More example sentences
  • Chickens and hens cluck nearby and the cicadas start up their relentless refrain.
  • The chickens clucked and scratched around his feet.
  • She lived on the top floor while all her hens and chickens clucked happily on the ground level.
1.1(Of a person) make a short, low sound with one’s tongue to express concern or disapproval: the bystanders shook their heads and clucked sympathetically [with object]: Michael clucked his tongue irritably
More example sentences
  • I cluck my tongue at Carole, the way my grandmother clucks her tongue at me when I've said something utterly, wholly stupid.
  • I'd toss out a topic and he'd cluck his tongue and point out ways my idea could be offensive and controversial.
  • The maid clucked her tongue and rolled her eyes.
1.2 [no object] (cluck over/at/about) Express fussy concern about: they were cluck-clucking over the dishonor he brought to the office
More example sentences
  • He says she is ‘cute’ and recalls how she spent time clucking over the daughters of both her friends at the wedding last year.
  • As soon as he asks the checkout assistant, three more of them appear and start clucking around.
  • In every gift shop, there are more cute infants to cluck over.


late 15th century (as a verb): imitative, corresponding to Danish klukke, Swedish klucka.

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