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Syllabification: com·fort·a·ble
Pronunciation: /ˈkəmfərdəb(ə)l
, ˈkəmftərbəl


1(Especially of clothes or furnishings) providing physical ease and relaxation: invitingly comfortable beds
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  • In the rest of the world, all walkers need are a pair of good walking shoes, comfortable clothes and sufficient incentive.
  • It is best experienced in comfortable shoes and clothes which are easy to remove and not too hot.
  • She brought in some favorite furnishings, including a comfortable couch covered with snowy white fabric.
cozy, snug, warm, pleasant, agreeable; restful, homelike, homely
informal comfy
1.1(Of a person) physically relaxed and free from constraint: he would not be comfortable in any other clothes
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  • He could mix it physically in games if needed but he was most comfortable when given the space and capacity to show his full range of passes and sublime skills.
  • He actually used the Cruz stance in 1999 when his bat felt slow, but he was not comfortable at first.
  • You are immediately comfortable, and it is very easy to drive.
loose, loose-fitting, casual
informal comfy
1.2Not in pain (used especially of a hospital patient).
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  • All three, who come from Pickering, were suffering abdominal and lower back pains, but were comfortable and stable in hospital today.
  • Fellow staff witnessed her telling doctors that seemingly comfortable patients were in pain, prompting them to prescribe morphine.
  • It ensures the patient is comfortable, manages pain and may offer the patient some emotional support.
1.3Free from stress or fear: they appear very comfortable in each other’s company few of us are comfortable with confrontations
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  • She said she wanted to feel whether they'd be comfortable with each other.
  • The cookies did look very good, but she wasn't comfortable enough to accept free cookies yet.
  • The baby seemed to study Jane, and Jane was not comfortable under the steady, serious-looking gaze.
at ease, relaxed, secure, safe, unworried, contented, happy
1.4Free from financial worry; having an adequate standard of living.
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  • The family, though not wealthy, was financially comfortable by Dominican standards.
  • The inevitable growth of globalisation means that if we are to maintain our very comfortable standard of living we need to work smarter than others.
  • I recently asked a skilled worker, who enjoys a fairly comfortable standard of living, how he would be affected by a prolonged layoff.
pleasant, free from hardship; affluent, well-to-do, luxurious, opulent
2As large as is needed or wanted: a comfortable income
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  • He had in the mean time found a wife for himself after settling in life with a comfortable income leaving his past far, far behind.
  • These women do not have the skill to market their goods to generate a comfortable income.
  • How do you plan to manage your assets during retirement so that you can generate a comfortable income?
2.1With a wide margin: a comfortable victory
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  • In the end the margin of victory was comfortable enough, but for the departing Bangladeshis, it was very much their day.
  • When the money was counted the following day, the organisers realised that the total had exceeded £10,000 by a comfortable margin.
  • They had demonstrated their talent and skills in their next four league fixtures which they had won with comfortable margins.


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A warm quilt.


Middle English (in the sense 'pleasant, pleasing'): from Anglo-Norman French confortable, from conforter 'to comfort' (see comfort).



More example sentences
  • With his wife, he created an atoll of comfortableness amidst the surging throngs and I always felt a tug towards them.
  • ‘East London has unique selling points such as its location, comfortableness and easy access,’ he said.
  • He'd held his feelings in check, yet felt serene and happy as he held her in his arms during that evening of comfortableness on both of their parts.


Pronunciation: /ˈkəmfərtəblē, ˈkəmftərblē/
More example sentences
  • The week leading up to the series decider was comfortably the worst week of my life.
  • In summer, it is scorching hot at its foot, but it is comfortably cool on its other parts.
  • Sit comfortably and lift your shoulders up to your ears, hold, and then lower.

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