Definition of comforting in English:


Syllabification: com·fort·ing
Pronunciation: /ˈkəmfərdiNG


1Serving to alleviate a person’s feelings of grief or distress: we would like to thank our family and friends for their support and their comforting words
More example sentences
  • It's comforting to know the business is in good hands.
  • They both share the same psychiatrist and are completely dependent upon him as a comforting father figure.
  • Talking to friends and family, even your minister, can be comforting.
console, solace, condole with, commiserate with, sympathize with;
support, succor, ease, reassure, soothe, calm;
cheer, hearten, uplift
consoling, sympathetic, compassionate, solicitous, tender, warm, caring, loving;
supportive, reassuring, soothing, calming;
cheering, heartening, encouraging
1.1Serving to improve a person’s mood or restore a sense of physical well-being: a comforting bowl of soup
More example sentences
  • Mr. Nelson was just deciding that a cup of tea beside a comforting fire was not an entirely unpleasant notion.
  • When the weather is cold and stormy, we tend to eat more - not just for the cozy feeling of snacking, but because we crave the comforting heat of casseroles, stews and roasts warming us from the inside out.
  • My house is warm, cosy and comforting.



More example sentences
  • It seems to me that certain gospel-influenced strands of pop music are comfortingly familiar and participatory.
  • A yummy mix of fudge brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough and vanilla ice cream, this is an comfortingly indulgent Sunday treat.
  • Watching him unravel over the course of his story becomes a horrendous and yet comfortingly human experience.

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