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Pronunciation: /kənˈfərm/


[with object]
1Establish the truth or correctness of (something previously believed, suspected, or feared to be the case): if these fears are confirmed, the outlook for the economy will be dire the report confirms that a diet rich in vitamin C can help to prevent cataracts
More example sentences
  • This apparently well conducted study also confirms the previously established benefits of antibiotics in reducing the duration of symptoms.
  • This time, a female officer wanted to confirm the intruder had left the premises and asked for a description of him.
  • Suspected scabies may be confirmed by microscopic identification of the mite or its feces in skin scrapings.
1.1State with assurance that a report or fact is true: he confirmed that the general was in the hands of the rebels “It is indeed real coffee,” I confirmed
More example sentences
  • It's true that nobody has confirmed, on the record, that the proposal is even under discussion.
  • You focus on the fact that he neither confirms nor denies an imminent threat.
  • So, as John suggests, why won't they simply put the matter to rest by confirming or denying the facts as set out in the memos?
affirm, reaffirm, assert, assure someone, repeat;
promise, guarantee
1.2 (confirm someone in) Reinforce someone in (an opinion, belief, or feeling): he fueled his misogyny by cultivating women who confirmed him in this view
More example sentences
  • This of course confirmed her in her opinion, for Grandpa's pride in his own awfulness was his distinguishing trait.
  • Viewing the radiographic evidence confirmed him in the idea that he had arrived at.
  • I think it likely that this further information confirmed him in his view that he must have it.
corroborate, verify, prove, validate, authenticate, substantiate, justify, vindicate;
support, uphold, back up
1.3Make (a provisional arrangement or appointment) definite: Mr. Baker’s assistant telephoned to confirm his appointment with the chairman
More example sentences
  • We were told that the mortgage would be paid off within 10 years with a surplus bonus at current interest rates and received a letter confirming this arrangement.
  • Passengers who have already made bookings have now been told to confirm their arrangements - or risk losing them.
  • Yesterday I rang her to confirm the final arrangements for meeting up at the beginning of next week.
1.4Make (something, especially a person’s appointment to a position or an agreement) formally valid; ratify: the organization has confirmed the appointment of Mr. Collins as managing director
More example sentences
  • The sacrament of marriage is in this context at best a matter of romantic deference to tradition, confirming a decision already taken to ‘live together’.
  • Secondly, there was no evidence called to indicate that the Board of Directors ever approved, ratified or confirmed any agreement.
  • I thank her for confirming my decision and dismiss the matter from my mind.
ratify, validate, sanction, endorse, formalize, authorize, warrant, accredit, approve, accept
1.5Formally declare (someone) to be appointed to a particular position: he was confirmed as the new peace envoy
More example sentences
  • If, as we forecast on page one, he is confirmed as unpaid chairman, then the company's boss will at least bring some heavyweight experience to the group.
  • My guess is that he expected to be cleared and didn't want to say anything until after he was confirmed as Secretary of State or Defense.
  • He said that if he is confirmed as prime minister, he would first try to stymie the violence that has crippled the country's recovery.
2Administer the religious rite of confirmation to: he had been baptized and confirmed
More example sentences
  • Yet most Catholic parents will make practicing Catholicism mandatory for their children and the Church confirms young adults usually around 14.
  • The Western Church confirms its members at various ages (commonly age 12-15 in Canada).
  • As a child raised in France, she had been baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church, but abandoned its dogmas early on.



Pronunciation: /kənˈfərmədiv/
Example sentences
  • A confirmative or staging arthroscopy may help matters further when dealing with large joints of the knee and shoulder.
  • A Member shall produce any information (and confirmative evidence) which the Trustee reasonably requires for the purposes of the Scheme.
  • Episodes that fulfilled the clinical and additional confirmative criteria for pneumonia but in which no microbial etiology was established were classified as probable pneumonia.


Pronunciation: /kənˈfərməˌtôrē/
Example sentences
  • Samples have been sent to England for a confirmatory diagnosis.
  • The 24-year-old Kildare rider has asked that the B sample taken from the horse in Athens be sent for confirmatory analysis.
  • Yesterday I woke up to find that I could not connect to the old service, so assumed that, despite not getting a confirmatory email, I had now migrated.


Middle English: from Old French confermer, from Latin confirmare, from con- 'together' + firmare 'strengthen' (from firmus 'firm').

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Syllabification: con·firm

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