Definition of conform in English:


Syllabification: con·form
Pronunciation: /kənˈfôrm


[no object]
1Comply with rules, standards, or laws: the kitchen does not conform to hygiene regulations the changes were introduced to conform with international classifications
More example sentences
  • Because such publications do not conform to any standardized rules, this information is not computer readable.
  • And, like many other populist legal actions, it doesn't conform with our ideal of justice - the rule of law.
  • Prosecutors scaled back the number to eight to conform to new rules calling for swifter trials.
comply with, abide by, obey, observe, follow, keep to, stick to, adhere to, uphold, heed, accept, go along with, fall in with, respect, defer to;
satisfy, meet, fulfill
1.1(Of a person) behave according to socially acceptable conventions or standards: the pressure to conform
More example sentences
  • He accepts he does not conform to the public school or Oxbridge stereotype, as he was brought up on a council estate in Dringhouses and educated at Millthorpe School.
  • In exchange, they must conform to extensive social and environmental criteria.
  • But then life is so much easier when we imagine that people conform to a stereotype.
follow convention, be conventional, fit in, adapt, adjust, follow the crowd;
comply, acquiesce, toe the line, follow the rules;
submit, yield
informal play it by the book, play by the rules
1.2Be similar in form or type; agree: the countryside should conform to a certain idea of the picturesque
More example sentences
  • The performers of the reading were uniformly matched and admirably conformed to the director's wishes in under six hours of rehearsal making the event memorable.
  • His description of the height and build of the person does not conform to the height and build of the appellant at the relevant time.
  • Meanwhile, he himself can slag people off just because they don't conform to his narrow vision of what constitutes a Brit.
match, fit, suit, answer, agree with, be like, correspond to, be consistent with, measure up to, tally with, square with


Middle English (in the sense 'make (something) like another thing'): from Old French conformer, from Latin conformare, from con- 'together' + formare 'to form'.

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