Definition of consideration in English:

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Pronunciation: /kənˌsidərˈāSH(ə)n/


1Careful thought, typically over a period of time: a long process involving a great deal of careful consideration
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  • At some time in the intervening period, careful consideration would have been given to the style and subject-matter of the figurehead, which would also play a crucial part in the overall design of the ship.
  • Even if the proposed changes were to result in a greater number of couples considering adoption, careful consideration would have to be given to the implications of allowing them to adopt.
  • Some of the issues raised are familiar, but some are quite new and require careful scrutiny and consideration.
thought, deliberation, reflection, contemplation, rumination, meditation;
examination, inspection, scrutiny, analysis, discussion;
attention, regard
formal cogitation
1.1A fact or a motive taken into account in deciding or judging something: the idea was motivated by political considerations
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  • Is politicization in this sense synonymous with taking political considerations into account in arriving at a decision?
  • A crime is a crime, whether motivated by political considerations or others.
  • The next point is a matter of concern when economic considerations are taken into account.
factor, issue, matter, concern, detail, aspect, feature
1.2Thoughtfulness and sensitivity toward others: companies should show more consideration for their employees
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  • Hopefully there would be some wonderful moments - instances of consideration and thoughtfulness and kindness.
  • The basic need is a value base that can be shared by all the citizens and a heart filled with consideration, sensitivity and a willingness to be of assistance towards other people.
  • All I'm saying is that a bit of consideration towards others would be appreciated.
attentiveness, concern, care, thoughtfulness, solicitude;
kindness, understanding, respect, sensitivity, tact, discretion;
compassion, charity, benevolence
2A payment or reward: you can buy the books for a small consideration
More example sentences
  • He doesn't actually say as much, but you suspect that in many cases, the payment is an incidental consideration.
  • In addition he repeated his arguments about the payment of the consideration.
  • In September last year, two funds owned by them bought a 26 per cent stake for a consideration of Rs 156 crore.
2.1 Law (In a contractual agreement) anything given or promised or forborne by one party in exchange for the promise or undertaking of another.
Example sentences
  • Please identify the consideration for the alleged agreement.
  • For instance, I was wondering whether you had Trevor's agreement to the offered consideration.
  • The first is that anything done for a consideration which is not a supply of goods constitutes a supply of services.
3 archaic Importance; consequence.
Example sentences
  • No troubles in Upper Egypt are mentioned during the reign of Auletes, and if things were quiet there, we mace that it was due to the government there being in the hands of some one whom, by our broken records, we may conjecture to have been a man of great consideration and influence, Callimachus the epistrategos.
  • Then he went home south to Denmark, and became afterwards a man of great consideration, and many great people are descended from him.
  • A man of great consideration may have fifty or sixty skulls suspended in his premises.



in consideration of

On account of; taking into account: a nightlight burned in consideration of Ernie’s phobia
More example sentences
  • In fact, insiders say top executives of the city's major industrial groups are still designated by city hall in consideration of, not only their business caliber, but also their reliable political quality.
  • The opposition GNP should scrap its decision to increase the number of seats in the Assembly in consideration of not only the growing public anger but also heightening the financial burden on taxpayers.
  • What has this Government done to improve the lot of vulnerable groups in New Zealand, in consideration of what happened in the 1990s?
1.1In return for: he paid them in consideration of their services
More example sentences
  • The 1872 Appointment was expressed to be executed in consideration of, among other things, the payment of various sums by the 4th Duke to him to enable him to discharge his debts and for other purposes.
  • By each assignment the assignor was expressed to assign to him in consideration of £1 rights which were defined as follows.
  • In any act of corruption, there is a definite ingredient of ‘misconduct’ as the act of corruption is mostly committed in consideration of personal gain or profit, and or against intended legal purposes.

take into consideration

Take into account.
Example sentences
  • These are all things to take into consideration when planning your next trip.
  • Also, the plans took into consideration planning policy guidance from the Government, which sets down a maximum number of car parking spaces for developments.
  • This is certainly something to take into consideration, if you plan to wear both rings on the same hand.
consider, give thought to, take into account, allow for, provide for, plan for, make provision for, accommodate, bargain for, reckon with;
foresee, anticipate

under consideration

Being thought about: a bird under consideration for being listed as endangered
More example sentences
  • It may pass legislation which deals with some issues in the area under consideration, but leaves others to national law.
  • That, in fact, is at the very heart of the issue that is under consideration.
  • As I have already indicated to the member, it is one of the issues under consideration.


Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin consideration-, from considerare 'examine'.

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Syllabification: con·sid·er·a·tion

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