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Pronunciation: /kənˈstrəkt/
[with object]
1Build or erect (something, typically a building, road, or machine): a company that constructs oil rigs
More example sentences
  • Neighbors who were strangers only hours ago now collaborate to erect buildings, construct roads, distribute food, establish defenses, and organize trade.
  • Construction cranes litter the skylines of Chinese cities, particularly Beijing and Shanghai, helping to construct apartments and office buildings.
  • The temporary traffic lights have been erected while contractors construct the roads that will lead in and out of the park-and-ride site.
build, erect, put up, set up, raise, establish, assemble, manufacture, fabricate, create, make
1.1Form (an idea or theory) by bringing together various conceptual elements, typically over a period of time: Ptolemy combined his interests to construct a theory in support of Aristotle
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  • By the beginning of the 1630s, however, Descartes embarked on a more ambitious plan to construct a systematic theory of knowledge, including physics.
  • With no true picture of the nature of the job, it's very easy for people to start constructing conspiracy theories.
  • When you get fluent in another language and start to think in it you take on certain freedoms because you can construct ideas, create things in that language to get yourself out of trouble.
formulate, form, put together, create, devise, design, compose, work out;
fashion, mold, shape, frame
1.2 Grammar Form (a sentence) according to grammatical rules.
Example sentences
  • An affected individual, after a stroke, tumour or wound to the area, loses the ability to construct grammatical sentences.
  • We begin to understand the ways in which the alphabet is used to create words, and grammar to construct sentences.
  • If you have difficulty constructing complex sentences, stick with your old friend the subject-verb-object construction.
1.3 Geometry Draw or delineate (a geometric figure) accurately to given conditions.
Example sentences
  • Ancient Greek geometers knew that the number of solids that can be constructed from regular geometric figures is limited to five.
  • The problem of the hidden figure arises because all quantifiable data depends on how the figures are constructed and interpreted.
  • Before continuing with the quote we should note that Hippocrates is trying to ‘square a lune’ by which he means to construct a square equal in area to the lune.


Pronunciation: /ˈkänˌstrəkt/
1An idea or theory containing various conceptual elements, typically one considered to be subjective and not based on empirical evidence: history is largely an ideological construct
More example sentences
  • The first thing to note is that the ‘new economy’ was largely an ideological construct deployed in advance of there being any real evidence of increased productivity and the like.
  • His is an ideological construct, based on the workings of the so-called ‘free market’.
  • The following results are presented based upon the constructs of the Behavioral Ecological Model.
1.1 Linguistics A group of words forming a phrase.
Example sentences
  • The phrase was an elegant construct, and so was the American version.
  • To many modern critics, this is a philosophical or theoretical weakness, an inability to consider the plays as ultimately linguistic constructs.
  • Routing services let you define rules and service invocation sequences to create a simple sequence of if-then constructs.
1.2A physical thing that is deliberately built or formed.
Example sentences
  • Both loops were placed in an aluminum snap hook to mount the construct in the load frame.
  • Physical constructs are also unlikely to be reusable for other functions.
  • He leapt into the air, smashing through the high ceiling and looking for the supportive structures of the construct.



Pronunciation: /kənˈstrəktəb(ə)l/
Example sentences
  • At the same time, he has seen cases where contractors have taken it upon themselves to alter a design they considered inappropriate or not constructible without discussing such changes with the designer.
  • I don't know how to determine whether a polyhedra is constructible with magnetic spheres.
  • Constructions in the foundations of mathematics have shown that such set-theoretic aids are a powerful addition; after all, the entire glossary of concepts of classical mathematics is constructible from them.


Pronunciation: /kənˈstrəktər/
Example sentences
  • The architect, the engineer and the constructors also gave their services free to the community.
  • If any group benefits from the new rule, it will be the engine constructors.
  • This money will be paid in stages directly to the constructors, surveyors and architects.


Late Middle English: from Latin construct- 'heaped together, built', from the verb construere, from con- 'together' + struere 'pile, build'.

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Syllabification: con·struct

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