Definition of counterclaim in English:


Syllabification: coun·ter·claim
Pronunciation: /ˈkoun(t)ərˌklām


1A claim made to rebut a previous claim.
More example sentences
  • And as with any hot scandal, it is fast developing into a whole new blame game altogether with claims and counterclaims flying all over the place - and that's just in the blogosphere.
  • There have been claims and counterclaims throughout the week about what's happening inside that refugee camp, or indeed what happened in the previous days.
  • It's been 14 months of headlines, charges, claims and counterclaims and lots of hearings.
1.1 Law A claim made by a defendant against the plaintiff.
More example sentences
  • The defendants have a counterclaim for damages for trespass against the plaintiff.
  • I am pretty confident the counterclaim will be tossed out and am hoping to get at least some of my money back, or at least a decision saying the money should be mine.
  • The consulting engineers involved sought payment of $23,000, and got a counterclaim and suit for $200,000 for its claims.


[no object] chiefly Law Back to top  
Make a counterclaim for something.
More example sentences
  • It should be noted that the defendant counterclaimed against the plaintiffs for general damages of $250, 000.00 and punitive damages of $50, 000.00.
  • Mr Jaura counterclaimed for damages for wrongful termination of the lease.
  • In addition Mr Newbery counterclaimed damages for shock and distress.

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