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Syllabification: cra·ter
Pronunciation: /ˈkrātər


1A large, bowl-shaped cavity in the ground or on the surface of a planet or the moon, typically one caused by an explosion or the impact of a meteorite or other celestial body.
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  • As a result, the ground is littered with craters from asteroid impacts.
  • The blast left an enormous crater, and the impact tunneled really deep.
  • The oddest thing is that the missiles, while being tremendously destructive of human life, left quite small craters in the ground.
hollow, bowl, basin, hole, cavity, depression; Geologycaldera
1.1A large pit or hollow forming the mouth of a volcano.
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  • Other ephemeral lakes develop in volcanic craters or collapsed caldera systems.
  • Vesuvius is a stratovolcano that grew within the breached crater of Monte Somma volcano.
  • During the last several days smoke, ash and vapor have been spewing from the crater of the volcano in western Colima state.
1.2A cavity or hole in any surface.
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  • The goopy surface is pocked with craters where bubbles burst.
  • First, acid etching of the electrode surfaces produces tiny cavities and craters that greatly expand the surface area across which a static charge can be held.
  • Microscopic bumps and craters on the painted surface tend to attract and contain dirt.
2A large bowl used in ancient Greece for mixing wine.
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  • There were marble craters (mixing bowls) and candelabra, statuary, busts, reliefs, column capitals and bases, and 60 to 70 marble column shafts.
  • To judge from the scenes of drinking painted on Greek vessels, the crater stood on the floor beside the couches on which the drinkers reclined.
  • He gestured at the Greeks, who produced a crater and a pair of silver goblets.


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Form a crater in (the ground or a planet): he has the offensive power to crater the enemy’s runways (as adjective cratered) the heavily cratered areas of the moon
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  • We saw places along the shoreline where the ground was cratered, trees flung aside in broken rows.
  • The first hundred yards of the tunnel were the worst - the road was heavily cratered, and our vehicles bucked and shuddered wildly, spraying snowmelt into the blackness.
  • The heavily cratered surface seems different from other comets we've seen up close.


early 17th century (denoting the hollow forming the mouth of a volcano): via Latin from Greek kratēr 'mixing bowl', from krasis 'mixture'.

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There are 2 definitions of crater in English:


Syllabification: Cra·ter
Pronunciation: /ˈkrātər
1A small and faint southern constellation (the Cup), between Hydra and Leo, said to represent the goblet of Apollo.
1.1 (as genitive Crateris /krāˈteris/) Used with a preceding letter or numeral to designate a star in this constellation: the star Delta Crateris


Latin, from Greek, 'mixing bowl'.

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