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Syllabification: crea·ture
Pronunciation: /ˈkrēCHər


  • 1An animal, as distinct from a human being: night sounds of birds and other creatures
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    • Reptiles are cold blooded scaly creatures like snakes, lizards, crocodiles and turtles, who are all descendants of the primitive reptile.
    • These creatures are quite distinct from fish, crustaceans, and molluscs.
    • One finds here myriads of beings and creatures with distinct characteristics.
    animal, beast, brute; living thing, living being
    informal critter, varmint
  • 1.1An animal or person: as fellow creatures on this planet, animals deserve respect
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    • I look forward to sharing a lasting trust with my fellow creatures, learning from their ways and restoring that relationship we used to have with the animals given to our care.
    • We Homo sapiens are fascinated by observing our fellow creatures as they go about their daily grind - eating, sleeping, courting.
    • We, and our fellow creatures, will be the beneficiaries.
  • 1.2A fictional or imaginary being, typically a frightening one: a creature from outer space
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    • As a preliminary step to painting, we briefly discussed the fact that dragons are imaginary creatures.
    • The fantasy creature category contained such imaginary creatures as fairy, hairy Cyclops, and gremlin.
    • I remember a time as a child when my sister and I shared an imaginary world of made-up creatures.
  • 1.3 archaic Anything living or existing: dress, jewels, and other transitory creatures
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    • In addition, there will be different variations of existing creatures.
    • Like organic creatures, copyrights used to age and wither away.
    • An ancient race of horrible organic creatures becomes a threat.
  • 1.4A person of a specified kind, typically one viewed with pity, contempt, or desire: you heartless creature!
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    • Rachel moved her eyes down to this charming creature's face.
    • Spin fantasies in your head, she's probably the most charming and intelligent creature on earth.
    • But do not expect any lovable creatures and charming subjects here.
    person, individual, human being, character, soul, wretch, customer
    informal devil, beggar, sort, type
  • 1.5A person or organization considered to be under the complete control of another: the village teacher was expected to be the creature of his employer
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    • She was as much a creature of the control freaks as any of the weaker members of the front bench.
    • They should also realise that international organisations are the creatures of the governments which created and manage them.
    lackey, minion, hireling, servant, puppet, tool, cat's paw, pawn
    informal stooge, yes-man


creature of habit

A person who follows an unvarying routine.
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  • Ducks are creatures of habit, they like routine.
  • They are both creatures of habit and love their routine: writing, walking, reading and going to bed at 10 pm every night.
  • We humans are a strange breed, creatures of habit, this one small change in my routine has rendered me flummoxed.



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  • It's actually an act of being civilised not because of the element of personal service, but because it exerts control over your creaturely self.
  • We laugh at deflated pride and at human inadequacies exposed - the ridiculous attempts of a creaturely nature to transcend its very obvious limitations.
  • While creaturely existence may entail undeserved suffering, it does not mandate silence and submission.


Middle English (in the sense 'something created'): via Old French from late Latin creatura, from the verb creare (see create).

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