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Syllabification: Creek
Pronunciation: /krēk

noun (plural same)

  • 1A member of a confederacy of American Indian peoples of the southeastern US in the 16th to 19th centuries whose descendants now live mainly in Oklahoma.
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    • Joan Hill is a Creek / Cherokee painter who has received numerous recognition awards, grants, and fellowships in the art world.
    • And there is the tale of Jimmy Crowe, a Creek Indian from Okfuskee County, Okla., who, as a teenager, works for the Mennonites as a carpenter and subsequently becomes a preacher.
    • Born to a Creek mother and Shawnee father at Old Piqua, a Shawnee village on the Mad River in Ohio, Tecumseh was raised by an older sister and grew to manhood during the border warfare of the Revolutionary Era.
  • 2The Muskogean language of the Creek.
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    • It has Slovak, Inuit, Creek, and Italian, but its all Greek to me.


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  • Of, relating to, or denoting the Creek.
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    • In 1814, a Creek faction, the Red Sticks, rose against settlers in the South but was crushed by General Andrew Jackson at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, Alabama.
    • With the help of a Creek student named James Perryman, Presbyterian minister John Fleming created a phonetic alphabet for Muskogee.
    • After three decades the divisions between those of the traditional and new orders erupted in a Creek civil war.


from creek, because they lived beside the waterways of the flatlands of Georgia and Alabama.

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There are 2 definitions of Creek in English:


Syllabification: creek
Pronunciation: /krēk, krik


  • 1North American & Australian/New Zealand A stream, brook, or minor tributary of a river.
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    • They rested by a small creek running through the woods that had started to become more profuse.
    • The seven men had spread out and were riding along the dry creek bed.
    • Her lion tail flicked idly behind her as she walked towards the nearby creek.
  • 1.1An inlet in a shoreline, a channel in a marsh, or another narrow, sheltered waterway.
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    • Coastal migrants can often be found along tidal creeks, salt marsh edges, and mudflats, rarely on sandy ocean beaches.
    • Between the cliffs and the sea, the rhythmic movement of the tides is forming a new tidal marsh that includes mudflats, tidal creeks, tidal marshes, and tracts of shrubs.
    • Pristine beaches, maritime forests, shimmering marshes, and tidal creeks await your exploration.


be up the creek (without a paddle)

informal Be in severe difficulty or trouble, especially with no means of extricating oneself from it.
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  • The couple and their three children were forced to move to the new house because they had already sold the old one and David said: ‘We're up the creek without a paddle.’
  • Now, to their utter dismay, that hasn't happened and with IRA decommissioning, about to utterly change the face of Northern politics, political unionism is up the creek without a paddle.
  • As for labor market ‘fluidity,’ what that really means is your middle-class job is gone and you're up the creek without a paddle - adios chump.

be up shit creek

see shit.


Middle English: from Old French crique or from Old Norse kriki 'nook'; perhaps reinforced by Middle Dutch krēke; of unknown ultimate origin.

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