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Syllabification: crumb
Pronunciation: /krəm


  • 1A small fragment of bread, cake, or cracker.
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    • Rowena looked around at the wreck of her cake, at all the dirty dishes and the cake crumbs under the cooling racks.
    • Angel held out an empty plate, with a fork and a few chocolate cake crumbs on it.
    • So I continuously have chocolate cake crumbs on my head, my hair, my jumper, my collar, my shoulders, my eyelashes, my tummy, my lap…
  • 1.1A very small amount of something: the budget provided few crumbs of comfort
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    • I said maybe he is at some friends, to try to console her by offering crumbs of comfort.
    • In such lean times, we must search for crumbs of comfort.
    • Knowing who is holding their son and having some idea that the hostage-taking was to raise awareness of impoverished villagers is a crumb of comfort to his worried parents.
    fragment, bit, morsel, particle, speck, scrap, shred, sliver, atom, grain, trace, tinge, mite, iota, jot, whit, ounce, scintilla, soupçon
    informal smidgen, tad, titch
  • 1.2The soft inner part of a loaf of bread.
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    • Serve the food in unusual containers such as bread bowls (sturdy round loaves with some inner crumb removed) and you can give up Fairy Liquid completely.
    • It is the smell of toast, and the sensations of the hot crunchy outside of the bread combined with the soft inner crumb and melted butter, that make it so appealing.
    • The key components in achieving a crusty bread with a lusciously soft crumb are heat and steam.
  • 1.3A dessert topping made of brown sugar, butter, flour, and spices and crumbled over a pie or cake: [as modifier]: apple crumb pie
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    • We shared chocolate bread pudding (which tasted like a soulless brownie) and apple crumb cake which was a depressing affair.
    • For crumb topping: Combine flour and sugar and cut in butter with pastry cutter until the texture is thick.
    • Call it an apple crumb, betty or crisp, it's a fast and delicious dessert.
  • 1.4 (usually crumb rubber) Granulated rubber, made from recycled tires.
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    • ‘We use a minimum of 25% recycled crumb rubber,’ says one of RPM's research and development chemists, ‘but the higher the density of the material, the more recycled rubber content we can use.’
    • Once an area has been worn down, it is difficult to reseed into because of the increased temperatures generated from the crumb rubber.
    • Nor was pH of infiltrated water altered with the crumb rubber sublayer addition.
  • 2 informal , chiefly North American An objectionable or contemptible person: he’s an absolute crumb


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  • Cover (food) with breadcrumbs: (as adjective crumbed) crispy crumbed mushrooms with garlic dip
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    • I took this opportunity to experiment with frying bacon in the microwave (so-so) and crumbed the results liberally over the asparagus.
    • The pork chop was lightly crumbed, nicely trimmed and cooked to perfection.
    • She did and like so many others was completely won over by this deep fried, crumbed delicacy which comes with the yummiest of dressings.


crumbs from someone's (or a rich man's) table

An unfair and inadequate or unsatisfactory share of something.
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  • It is that multinational corporations and the rich create wealth and he can then take crumbs from their table to distribute to the huddled masses.
  • At this year's summit they decided to drop some crumbs from their table by way of throwing some dollars at the world's trouble-spots.
  • Glasgow should not be embarrassed about taking the crumbs from the capital 's table.


Old English cruma, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kruim and German Krume. The final -b was added in the 16th century, perhaps from crumble but also influenced by words such as dumb, where the original final -b is retained although no longer pronounced.

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