Definition of cushion in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈko͝oSHən/


1A pillow or pad stuffed with a mass of soft material, used as a comfortable support for sitting or leaning on.
Example sentences
  • Some play stuff for the children, travel pillows, cushions and soft pillows best suited for babies are added attractions.
  • I leaned into the soft cushions of the ratty old furniture as the phone rang.
  • But over the last year or so, she has also taken to making her own soft furnishings - cushions, curtains and covers - using top-quality materials.
1.1Something providing support or protection against impact: the pad forms a cushion between carpet and floor figurative a poll showed the candidate with a 14-point cushion
More example sentences
  • This is where the cushion of payment protection was supposed to break Mr Moore's fall.
  • Companies with high net profit margins have a bigger cushion to protect themselves during the hard times.
  • What a practical economist would say is that you need a cushion to protect people.
protection, buffer, shield, defense, bulwark
1.2The elastic lining of the sides of a billiard table, from which the ball rebounds.
Example sentences
  • But the new player, having to cut the black back to a blind corner pocket with the cue-ball close to the side cushion, over-cut it and left his player a simple chance.
  • It's now time for the lag, and his ball is glued to the cushion as my ball stops embarrassingly at mid-table.
  • Each shot must always hit the lowest numbered ball on the table first and then pocket a ball or make two balls reach a cushion.
1.3The layer of air supporting a hovercraft or similar vehicle.
Example sentences
  • The vehicle hovers safely on its own cushion of air.
  • The air cushion is ‘trapped’ under the hovercraft by a skirt around the edge.


[with object]
1Soften the effect of an impact on: the bag cushions equipment from inevitable knocks
More example sentences
  • My bike landed between two rocks, which acted like shock absorbers and cushioned the impact.
  • Instead, the impact was cushioned by a sort of air bag of small plates in what is now the Caribbean Sea.
  • The museum staff had placed sandbags and foam rubber around those heavy stone sculptures to cushion the impact if they fell.
protect, shield, shelter, cocoon
1.1Mitigate the adverse effects of: he called for federal assistance to cushion the blow for farmers
More example sentences
  • He said the suspension would also give time to the 33-man committee set up by the Nigerian government on Monday to find ways of cushioning the adverse effects of the price increases on Nigerians.
  • Social policy is a tool that in principle can be used by governments to cushion the adverse effects of external liberalization.
  • While oversupply of goods produced by the stronger economy is possible, that economy's strengths generally cushion it better from adversity.



Pronunciation: /ˈko͝oSH(ə)nē/
Example sentences
  • The fiber pads are firm, and most consumers prefer the soft cushiony feel of bonded polyurethane pads that are made from recycled carpet pads and post-industrial scrap from furniture manufacturers.
  • The marble floor was replaced with the same material that was in the sparring dome, a soft, cushiony, smooth material that wouldn't hurt when you fell on it.
  • The cushiony soft pillow was a very welcome change.


Middle English: from Old French cuissin, based on a Latin word meaning 'cushion for the hip', from coxa 'hip, thigh'.

  • You can tell that the Romans knew a thing or two about reclining in comfort when you discover that they had separate words for a hip cushion (coxinum) and an elbow cushion (cubital). The former word, from Latin coxa ‘hip or thigh’, gave rise to Old French cuissin, from which we get cushion.

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