Definition of decompile in English:


Syllabification: de·com·pile
Pronunciation: /ˌdēkəmˈpīl


[with object] Computing
Produce source code from (compiled code).
More example sentences
  • If you really want to prevent tools like Reflector from decompiling your code, you need the professional version's features.
  • For example, imagine that a cracker was decompiling your code, looking for authentication text.
  • The draft's proposals will also hinder music studios, broadcasters and software developers, who risk breaking the law when they decompile copy-protected software.



Pronunciation: /dēˌkämpəˈlāSHən, ˌdēkäm-/
More example sentences
  • As for assembly language showing up in decompilations of other languages you need to know how other languages work and compile.
  • Hopefully this breakdown of a decompilation will help you in doing similar decompilations in the future, whenever you find code not acting in the manner you expected.
  • At present, Boomerang can generate thousands of such temporary variables per procedure, bogging it down and causing decompilations to use gigabytes of memory and days of CPU time.


More example sentences
  • The drawback to intermediate languages is that it's possible to use disassemblers and decompilers to examine a program's IL and re-generate the source code.
  • Unfortunately this means that decompilers and disassemblers are here to stay too, putting your intellectual property at risk.
  • While there are plenty of free decompilers out there, you really get what you pay for.

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