Definition of deduce in English:


Syllabification: de·duce
Pronunciation: /dəˈd(y)o͞os


[with object]
1Arrive at (a fact or a conclusion) by reasoning; draw as a logical conclusion: little can be safely deduced from these figures [with clause]: they deduced that the fish died because of water pollution
More example sentences
  • The Academics took the part of the questioner, who puts questions to his interlocutors and deduces conclusions that are unwelcome to them from their answers.
  • Hempel and Oppenheim made the important logical point that statements about a phenomenon cannot be deduced from general laws alone.
  • And with a great leap of logical brilliance, he deduced that he was looking at a ceiling.
conclude, reason, work out, infer;
glean, divine, intuit, understand, assume, presume, conjecture, surmise, reckon
informal figure out
1.1 archaic Trace the course or derivation of: he cannot deduce his descent wholly by heirs male


late Middle English (in the sense 'lead or convey'): from Latin deducere, from de- 'down' + ducere 'lead'.



Pronunciation: /-səbəl/
More example sentences
  • However, it is true that if a sentence is deducible in a correct deductive system from others, then the sentence is a deductive consequence of them.
  • What this implies is that cognitive science must yield explanations of mind and culture that are deducible from antecedent conditions that cannot possibly be physical, neurophysiological, or mechanical events.
  • No written texts on healing in this tradition exist, but scholars say that guidelines for healing are deducible from the Kabbalah.

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