Definition of defensible in English:


Syllabification: de·fen·si·ble
Pronunciation: /dəˈfensəb(ə)l


1Justifiable by argument: a morally defensible penal system
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  • But are the censors' actions justified or defensible?
  • This is a substantially weaker thesis, and I shall assume for purposes of argument that it is defensible.
  • I'm not sure how much of this is reasonable, defensible, arguable.
plausible, sound, sensible, reasonable, rational, logical;
acceptable, valid, legitimate;
excusable, pardonable, understandable
2Able to be protected: a fort with a defensible yard at its feet
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  • This is to support the people of the country and to secure defensible borders for them.
  • But if they decided to move in strength, he would never be able to stop them, however defensible the Gullet might be.
  • The tactic of climbing over the side of the mountain, rather than maintaining a defensible position, was not militarily sound.
secure, safe, fortified;


Middle English (used of a weapon, a fortified place, etc., in the sense 'capable of giving protective defense'): from late Latin defensibilis, from Latin defendere (see defend).



Pronunciation: /diˌfensəˈbilitē/
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  • But hopefully it will also allow us to increase our defensibility.
  • Once the matter is formulated in this way, however, the important question is not so much the defensibility of the modest essentialist position as its significance.
  • Legal defensibility of the tests is also an important component.


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  • In some ways Lewis's theory is the diametric opposite of the equally clear-cut theory first proposed by Jaakko Hintikka (that Cubism is rigorously and defensibly realism) - a theory Lewis in effect ascribes to Clark.
  • A design problem in writing a short piece is that insufficient space to say things defensibly inevitably generates misunderstandings.
  • Commercial country music might defensibly be described as a ‘verbal’ art form.

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