There are 2 main definitions of delicious in English:


Syllabification: de·li·cious
Pronunciation: /dəˈliSHəs


1Highly pleasant to the taste: delicious home-baked brown bread
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  • When he eventually opened the foil packet, the smell was amazing and the venison tasted delicious too.
  • Learn how to tell when a custard is set, why eggs need to be relaxed before baking, and taste delicious results!
  • They nearly always taste delicious and everyone seems to really like them.
informal scrumptious, delish, yummy, finger-licking, nummy, lip-smacking, melt-in-your-mouth, -licious
1.1Delightful: a delicious irony
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  • It would be a delicious irony if these actions now deem him to be unfit to sit on the council.
  • Which would make that irony even more delicious.
  • But then Nicole arrives looking simply delicious, and her voice is tolerable enough.
delightful, exquisite, lovely, pleasurable, pleasant
informal heavenly, divine


Middle English (also in the sense 'characterized by sensuous indulgence'): via Old French from late Latin deliciosus, from Latin deliciae (plural) 'delight, pleasure'.



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  • Going for chicken tikka masala, I was rewarded with deliciously cooked meat in a sauce full of flavour and fresh vegetables.
  • The academic and satirist is best known for his deliciously dark and witty songs from the 1950s and 1960s.
  • This little plant with its deliciously chocolate-scented, rich maroon flowers has been popular for a long time now.


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  • The ad acknowledged the individual deliciousness of peanut butter and chocolate while arguing the merits of a union between these ‘two great tastes.’
  • Instead, religious missionaries continue to bring boring, sexless dogma to the rest of the world, while soda pop executives continue to bring crisp, refreshing deliciousness.
  • This could be a story about madness, or about the illusions we adopt to make life livable, or simply about the deliciousness of doughnuts (which of course have a void in the middle).

Definition of delicious in:

There are 2 main definitions of delicious in English:


Syllabification: De·li·cious
Pronunciation: /diˈliSHəs


A red or yellow variety of eating apple with a sweet flavor and a slightly elongated shape, originally cultivated in the US.
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  • Jonathons, Delicious, or any other sweet variety produce excellent results without the addition of sugar.
  • The flavor of Virginia Golden Delicious apples is exceptional and, because of an extended shelf life, these apples will last and last.
  • The best Red Delicious apples are from upstate New York.