Definition of deserving in English:


Syllabification: de·serv·ing
Pronunciation: /dəˈzərviNG


Worthy of being treated in a particular way, typically of being given assistance: the deserving poor
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  • Why is that person more deserving of praise and respect than anyone else?
  • The police are not any more deserving of respect than teachers, nurses or your local hooker.
  • If so, then why not see some race or nation or class as more fully human and more deserving of respect and preservation than others?
respectable, decent, honorable, righteous
meriting, warranting, justifying, suitable for, worthy of



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  • He pointed out that many a politician is being called ‘the Honourable this and that’ when he would more deservingly be called ‘Dishonourable’!
  • Thus the fly-away-five deservingly held on to the finish: though in fact there was mere seconds between the whole field at the finish.
  • He was in awesome form, scoring two tries as Leicester rolled over the opposition and he deservingly won the coveted Man of the Match award.


More example sentences
  • A noncomparative desert principle associates a proper amount of recognition, remuneration, or reward with an individual's particular level of deservingness.
  • Here the concept of deservingness, or the extent to which an individual is perceived to be deserving of high quality health care, can mediate the treatment received.
  • Moral ideas like deservingness or fairness have no role in this system.

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